Transparent marketing for accountants – the numbers add up and here’s why

Accountancy firms, just like every other business, are looking for better, smarter, faster ways to attract and win new clients. Transparent marketing is just one approach your firm is likely to encounter as part of its digital crusade to up the ante.

Transparent marketing can seamlessly integrate into your existing strategy and is a method that measurably improves customer engagement.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of transparent marketing to understand why the numbers could stack up in your favour.

benefits of transparent marketing

Transparent marketing in a nutshell

The name should give you a clue. But let’s break it down piecemeal anyway. We’re talking about marketing sans barriers. In other words you tell your customers everything.

By everything we mean your

  • Carbon footprints and target
  • Marketing budgets
  • Profits and losses
  • Staff names

Why is honest marketing so important?

Building trust is important in every industry. But especially so in the professional services sector. Accountancy firms, like lawyers and financial advisors have to go the extra mile to generate engagement.

Posting testimonials and in-depth case studies on your website is a good start but not enough to differentiate your brand from its competitors and reassure customers you’re the real deal.

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The benefits of transparent marketing

Apart from building trust with your audience, honest marketing included a range of other benefits.

1. Stronger brand image

How many accountancy firms have strong core values? Probably quite a few. However, they either (1) don’t promote them; or (2) they promote them badly, meaning their content sinks like a stone.

By advertising and living its values your firm will establish a rock solid brand reputation – your prospects’ interests piqued by your ethical marketing approach.

2. Happier employees 

It’s not just about lead generation and profit. It’s a top-and-tail exercise designed to make your business better in every possible way.

Employees will take greater pride in their work, knowing they’re working for a firm whose values are part of its DNA and not just there for show.

3. Marketing positioning

To save time and money firms are turning to Artificial Intelligence platforms – so they can churn out more content more often. 

The end-game here is to win through sheer force and volume by using AI to…

  • Create blog topics and outlines
  • Research the best keywords 
  • Create website wireframes
  • Generate code 

…and much more. But content isn’t a volume game. It’s a quality game and that’s why transparent marketing is a better bet than AI.

Content written by people who hold themselves accountable to their values will outperform that generated by machines every time.

honest marketing definition

Transparent marketing in action

Here are three methods designed to help you be more transparent with your customers:

This could mean them appearing in a regular video segment published on your website and which is shared on social channels too. Topics could include their reason for starting the business, the challenges they overcame, and plans for the future.

1. Talk to your customers often

Request feedback through all digital channels, acknowledge it and follow up to tell them what you did if they raised a concern or suggested an improvement.

Channels you could use include:

  • Requesting feedback via email
  • Review sites like TrustPilot
  • Calling customers directly
  • Free online surveys 

2. Push beyond digital’s limits

Why not host an event where customers can meet you and your team by:

  • Inviting customers to an open day at your offices
  • Setting up a stand at a local supermarket
  • Hiring out a venue in your local area

marketing strategies for accountants

3. Publish your financials

Perhaps you’ve decided to go green and have a paperless office. Why not share the steps you’re taking to make this happen – including any cost-savings made and reductions in your carbon footprint.

This transparency will function on two vital levels:

  • Customers keen to go green will be genuinely interested in your story – and more likely engage with your content.
  • You’ll start to develop relationships based on trust which is so important in the professional services industry.

Need a helping hand?

We specialise in helping businesses like yours to improve engagement, generate more leads, and measurably improve ROI. Why not book a free consultation with one of our digital marketing experts to learn more.

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