Upskilling for accounting firms could help you reach new heights – are you future-ready?


Upskilling for accounting firms should form an essential part of your marketing armoury. Ignore it and your business will lack the in-house knowhow needed to compete with its tech savvy competitors.

In this short guide we’ll explain:

  • What upskilling means
  • Why it’s so important
  • Its key benefits 
  • How to use it

What is upskilling?

Upskilling isn’t new. But it’s important. Arguably more important than ever before – especially in this digital age which means it’s no longer enough for accountants to ‘just’ be expert number crunchers.

Continuous learning forms the basis of upskilling with employees being exposed to a variety of training and development programs designed to expand their prowess and range of skillets.

Why does upskilling matter?

Technology is rapidly transforming the accountancy landscape. Firms that fail to keep pace with these changes will play second fiddle to competitors who’ve successfully adapted to meet the demands of the new digital age.

Not convinced? Here are three benefits of upskilling for accounting firms that might surprise you.

Beat the competition

Here’s the thing – upskilling for accounting firms isn’t a new thing. Technology has been disrupting the industry for some time. But not all businesses have recognised the danger signs, instead adhering to outdated practices that put them at risk.

You can be certain rival practices are ploughing considerable pounds into employee development. So why aren’t you? Fill your skill gaps now or leave room for competitors to steal your clients (and maybe your people).

upskill strategy

Retain top-tier talent

Attracting new employees is hard. Having spent so much time and money into recruiting them why risk losing them by underinvesting in their development? Bored employees will soon become restless and start searching the job boards for new opportunities.

It improves agility

Why wouldn’t you want to complete tasks faster and more efficiently – thereby increasing profits and client satisfaction. Invest in digital development and you’ll future-proofing your business.

How can accountants upskill?

Here are a few steps you can take, many of which are free…

Upgrade and review your technology

There’s little use in training teams on outdated systems. The first stage of your upskilling program should therefore be a technology review.

Run in-house training sessions

Once the correct systems are in place you can run dedication training sessions – transitioning team members in phases to the new technology.

Encourage teams to self-learn

Social media, in particular LinkedIn, provides access to free webinars where accounting professionals can upskill for free in a non-pressured environment.

employee development

Invest in your employees’ future

Funding or part-funding team members to acquire new qualifications will improve their motivation and loyalty, while making them more productive too.

Introduce a mentoring scheme

Cross fertilising knowledge is key to inducting and developing new team members who will need guidance if their experience is limited.

Mentors could be used to:

  • Train mentees on in-house systems
  • Help them create a training plan
  • Offer general ongoing support

Upskilling is only part of the puzzle

Upskilling for accounting firms is not enough on its own. It must be solidly underscored by a well-thought-through digital marketing plan designed to build awareness of your brand and generate measurable ROI.

To discuss the benefits of digital marketing for accounting firms book your free consultation and let’s discuss the next steps.

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