UX In 6 Sentences (Sort Of)


  1. Keep the basics basic – there are thousands of different car models available in the UK; they all put the steering wheel in the same place.
  2. Create distinct journeys – you can’t offer everyone the perfect experience, but at the very least ensure you offer a clear path for those who know the product they’re looking for, and a clear path for those who only know the goal or symptom.
  3. A rule of thumb for mobile websites – you must be able to navigate the site using just one thumb!
  4. Test, but not for the sake of testing- testing depends on maximising traffic whilst isolating variables, so for pages with less than 10,000 visits a day, only test one thing at a time. For those with less than 1,000, resort to best practice.
  5. People scan before they read and they read before they act – if your headers, bullet points and other priority elements in your visual hierarchy aren’t remarkably well chosen, nobody will ever read your copy or follow your journey.
  6. Design matters – good design does not equal good UX but bad design does equal bad UX.

See you next time,