Want a job at Google? Don’t forget to optimise your CV!

With over 5000 cv’s received a day, you probably shouldn’t expect your carefully crafted application to Google to instantly land on the desk of Larry Page. Or indeed any of his colleagues. Google is built on data analysis and their approach to recruitment is no exception. In an attempt to narrow the unmanageable number down to just those special few, each cv is pushed into an algorithm that attempts to identify those that contain the correct keywords and rank them accordingly.

Algorithm, keywords, rankings…. this all sounds very familiar.

So successful the model has been that they are now starting to crawl the web for freely available cv’s that haven’t ever been submitted to Google. They search for keywords relating to skills, qualifications, experiences and even cultural fit, so that they can comprehensively and efficiently sweep the entire globe for the perfect Googler.

So the next time you’re updating your cv, better bone up on your basic on page optimisation!