Productivity, Profits & Professional Services: The Best Automation Software 2021

It’s the grand old year of 2021. If your professional service firm hasn’t begun utilising automation software in earnest, you’re way behind the times. Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, or consultant, professional service automation (or, PSA to those in the know) software is a fantastic way to streamline your services. You’ll save time, money and effort by cutting out the monotonous work that these fantastic automation systems do for you. 

These automation systems are used by professional service firms in a variety of ways, but they’re most commonly used to track operations, cost and revenue. Keeping track of hours and clients can be difficult without the proper framework in place to help keep you on the right path. Professional service automation software delivers critical insight into your firm’s processes. From project management to invoices, automation will help improve productivity and profitability by ensuring your employees’ time is spent efficiently. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite professional service automation software providers to get you started:


BigTime Professional Service Firm Automation

In their own words, ‘BigTime Software is a private equity-funded company based in Chicago, committed to helping clients run professional services firms more efficiently, to unlocking potential revenue, and to improving profitability within the knowledge economy.’ Their headline product is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based system that was built specifically for professional service firms. 

Their array of incredibly useful features can be utilised for time-tracking, payment processing, expense tracking, billing and invoicing, resource management and more! (Seriously, there are about ten other features that we couldn’t jam into that sentence.) That’s a lot of bang for your buck. As such, they’re incredibly popular among accounting, architecture and engineering, consulting, creative, government contracting, IT services, and law firms. Starting at only $10, BigTime is the ultimate automation software that helps track and bill your firm’s most important assets. Not to mention you can access it anywhere in the world.

BigTime users have increased their gross margins by 25%, so what’s stopping you from utilising this fantastic automation service?

Kimble KPA

Kimble Professional Service Firm Automation

Kimble is unique in that it focuses its entire efforts on professional service automation. It’s thoroughly designed and intuitive to use platform seamlessly works in tandem with CRM for a great result no matter your industry. This automation software specialises in helping professional service firms run their businesses better by optimising employee resources and focusing on scalability. 

With a founding team of experienced consulting directors, Kimble KPA was born out of a necessity for better forecasting tools. The founders of Kimble couldn’t find something to meet the needs of their professional service firm, so they decided to build it instead. Unlike many automated services, Kimble was made to improve business processes, not just report on them. 


Avaza Professional Service Automation Software

Avaza is a cohesive business management software that helps you run your professional service firm with ease. We think they put it best: ‘Stop juggling multiple apps, subscriptions & spreadsheets. Avaza is the seamless, productive platform teams use to collaborate on projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses & invoice customers.’

Along with all the great features that its competitors boast, like project management or expense tracking, Avaza has its own team chat platform! Its simple and easy to use communication platform is a huge draw for businesses of any size. And we really do mean of any size! Whilst Avaza certainly has a client base of SME, it boasts a collection of huge businesses like General Electric, the University of Oxford and L’oreal (just to name a few!)

If you’re looking to step up your professional service firm and want a helping hand with the process, contact us today for a free consultation. Alternatively, head over to our professional services page and discover how we can help your firm transform its digital marketing strategy.


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