Want to be a cut above the rest? Then master the art of the featured snippet


Have you ever seen those highlighted excerpts of text above the search results in Google? These so-called featured snippets – also known as position zeros – provide short concise responses to user queries.

Featured snippets aren’t easy to achieve though (there’s an art and a method to writing them which we’ll cover shortly) – comprising 19% of results.

Get the edge on other law firms with our essential intel in this short guide.

How to write a featured snippet

Well-written optimised content won’t reward you with a position zero on Google. So how should you structure copy to achieve the highest possible ranking?

#1 Use question-based words

Nearly 30% of featured snippets are triggered by searches starting with ‘why,’ ‘how,’ ‘can’ or ‘do.’ If you want to outclass other law firms in your sector, then build questioning into your content. Why not start by creating an FAQ page.

Content is King typed on retro typewriter

#2 Don’t overuse subfolders

Let’s pretend the name of your law firm is www.easylegal.com. This is what’s called your root domain. Now imagine you’ve created a page which can be accessed via www.easylegal.com/sectors.

  • The information following the / is a subfolder
  • Each subsequent slash equals another folder

Google seems to favour 1-3 subfolders. So, keeping your URLs short will increase your chances of getting that elusive position zero.

#3 Update your snippets often

Google’s sole aim is to provide the best response possible to users’ searches. But information – just like food – often has a sell-by date.

The law is a case in point. Existing legislation is frequently amended, meaning your FAQs will decrease in relevance over time. That’s why it’s good practice to review your content often.

The majority of featured snippets pull text from content written between 2-3 years ago. Isn’t it time you audited your pages and blogs to check they’re still relevant?

#4 Answer questions frequently

The internet was designed to answer questions. So that’s what your law firm should be doing all the time – to reassure and engage with its customers so they feel confident enough to choose you above your competitors.

Weaving questions into headings – or even appending an FAQ section to the end of a page – will dramatically increase your chances of being awarded pole position by Google.

Not content with your content and need a helping hand? Then book your free call and let’s chat online (or if you’re local, the nearest coffee bar) to see if we’re a good fit.

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