Welcome to Facebook Town

You think you find it hard to break away from Facebook? Just think of their poor staff who’ll soon have on-site housing so they need never go home. The $120 million, 394 unit housing complex will be built within just a few minutes’ walk of its main offices in Menlo Park, California.

The Wall Street Journal has likened the plans to the slightly creepy “company towns” of the early 20th century, where workers often became enslaved to their organisation with little hope of ever leaving, although something tells me they wouldn’t have been so miserable had they been treated to on-site sports bars and doggy day care centres! As has proved typical with these kind of developments, there will be no shortage of extreme perks, with the final site expected to resemble something of a hi-tech adult playground.

We offer a similar scheme here at Inbound. Each person has a designated 2 metre sleeping space on the floor and company sleeping bags are issued after successful completion of the three month probationary period. I’m assuming that’s probably where Mark Zuckerberg got the idea.


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