What is a good email open rate? A painting by numbers guide for B2B brands

Let’s set the bar before we go any further. According to Mailchimp – the well-known and globally leading marketing automation platform – the average email open rate was 21.33%.

Is that a good email open rate? Persuading over one-fifth of subscribers to open your message is very good indeed; but we’re talking averages here.

Some businesses will fall shy of this figure and others will exceed it. So, the important question to ask is: what is a good email open rate for my company?

Once you’ve established this baseline figure you can review previous campaigns to identify strengths and weaknesses from which will evolve a strategy.

Why is a good email open rate important?

If a customer opens your email it connotes a number of things including, but not limited to:

  • Curiosity – you’ve piqued their interest enough to initiate that all important click
  • Credibility – your prospect trusts you enough to open the message and learn more
  • Relevance – the messaging resonated, driving the reader to take action

How can you improve your email open rates?

As we’ve identified ‘what is a good email open rate?’ is a subjective question. But, at the very least, it should align with the average figure published by Mailchimp. Anything below this threshold means there’s a problem with your targeting, messaging, or perhaps both.

Here’s why your unsubscribe rates are probably higher than your email open rates…

#1 Death by email

Keeping your brand visible is important. But if you’re running several campaigns a week customers will feel hounded. It could also make you appear desperate. Tone down the frequency of your messaging and your opening rates will surely increase.

#2 Irrelevant messaging

If you’re targeting the right people with the wrong subject lines your campaigns will flat. So make sure your targeting is on track and triple-check your messaging to ensure it’ll make sense to your audience.

Open-ended demographic

Casting the net wide can work if you’re selling a product or service applicable to anyone. Manufacturers that sell deodorants. Car dealerships. Or charities seeking donations. All are examples of businesses and organisations that can tap into a broad range of the population without too much attrition.

But a good email open rate is, in most cases, the direct result of targeted messaging (as mentioned earlier) that awakens interest, appears to solve a problem, and is relevant to the prospective customer’s aims.

What is a good Click Through Rate (CTR) for emails?

So far we’ve focussed on the question ‘what is a good email open rate?’ But this is just one step in a process designed to turn a lead into a bona fide sale.

In their report Mailchimp also discovered the average click through rate across all sectors was 2.62% This means 12.88% of people who open emails click through.

This might not sound like a lot. But it equates to a click through rate of 129 people per 1,000 emails you send. Where else can you generate numbers like that?

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Are open rates more important than click through rates?

Neither is more important. They are both key steps in the email marketing process. A great subject line is more likely to elevate your open rates; but if the content lacks bite and authenticity – or the page layout and CTAs are confusing – the customer will drop out of the buying journey. 

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