What is Instagram? It’s the app that’s apparently top of the pile – and your accountancy firm needs to get involved

Instagram’s unparalleled growth shows no sign of abating. Last year it boasted 1.28bn users. This year that number is set to rise to 1.4bn. If your accountancy firm has a social media strategy – or is in the process of developing one – then Instagram should form part of that plan.

  • But what is Instagram?
  • Do accountants use it?
  • If they do, then how?

Without further fanfare let’s find out how Instagram works and how you could reap the benefits of using what’s arguably the most powerful social platform in existence.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social media platform. Image and video-driven, it’s used by families, friends, small businesses, and global brands.

As with other social media platforms the aim of the game is to amass as many followers as possible – increasing the reach of your content.

Instagram’s features include the ability to:

  • upload and edit photos by adding filters, stickers and text
  • create short videos (otherwise referred to as Reels)
  • share stories which only last for a 24-hour period
  • send content privately to other users via Messenger

Best of all, Instagram is free and so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of this growing and ever-popular social platform.

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Do accounting firms use Instagram?

Accounting firms do indeed use Instagram. And not just small UK firms either. Global players like Deloitte recognised the benefits of using Instagram early on – and have been mining the benefits of its free social reach for some time.

What is Instagram used for in the accounting sector? Nothing’s off limits. 

Using Deloitte as an example, the firm posts:

  • Messages that build general brand awareness 
  • Images of team members to personalise its services
  • Content advertising its services

How should your business use Instagram?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But if you’re a small UK-based accounting firm, copying the likes of Deloitte is probably beyond your means. You don’t have the budget and resources needed to keep pace with big brand names.

So, what is Instagram used for when you dial things down to a more localised level? 

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Using Instagram for business: how to get started

Creating a successful strategy is hard. But by following these guidelines you’ll achieve your objective faster.

Know thy audience first 

Get this right and your target will be on-point. How old is your target audience, for example and are they highly active on Instagram? To find out you can use the platform’s Insight feature to aid your research. 

Don’t do everything all at once

It’s tempting to start pumping out content because (a) you’re chomping at the bit to get started; and (b) you’re keen to start generating leads. In reality this scattergun approach rarely works.

Instead, create a strategy that speaks to your audience while also helping to achieve your business goals.

You can do this by:

  • Turning a successful outcome into a story
  • Treating users to a video tour of your office
  • Jumping on a trend (only if appropriate)

Instagram strategies for accountants

Schedule your Instagram content

It’s easy to forget or put off posting content on social media. As a busy accounting firm your first obligation is to your existing customers – which means answering that important call or email as priority.

What is Instagram going to do for your business if you neglect it? The answer is of course nothing. That’s why you have to show up every day and post something – keeping your brand visible.

To schedule Instagram content:

  • Create a content calendar using an Excel spreadsheet for planning and Google Calendar for reminders
  • Alternatively, use all-in-one scheduling tools like Hootsuite which post for you automatically 

Analyse, test, tweak and repeat

Once you’ve started using Instagram it’s important to get into the rhythm of analysing your content’s performance. This will help you identify what is and isn’t working and tailor future campaigns to meet the needs of your audience.

This isn’t a one-off process and is as important as having a content calendar. So dive into Instagram’s inbuilt analytics platform on a regular basis to keep your campaigns on track.

benefits of Instagram for professional services firms width=

Instagram is a customer service tool

Succeed and customers will flock to your account, engaging with the images, stories, and short-form videos you create. As an accountancy firm it’s especially important to build trust with your audience – meaning you’ll need to engage in two-way conversations with your customers.

This means checking:

  • The comments section for compliments, complaints and questions and responding
  • Checking your direct messages to ensure enquiries are dealt with in a timely manner

Again, social media scheduling tools can take the pressure off by highlighting mentions of your brand and even assigning them to members of your team best equipped to respond.

What is Instagram going to do for your business? In our capable hands the sky’s the limit

Social media is complex and ever-changing. Do you have the time, people power, and expertise to make platforms like Instagram work for your business – or would you rather hand the work to us?

Book your free consultation with one of our experts to learn more and take the next step.

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