Why is SEO still important 2023? A very short guide for businesses


Why is SEO still important in 2023? The term was coined circa 1995 (depending on which sources you read) and was something of a wild west back then – with companies like Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, and Alta Vista all vying for a slice of the digital pie.

It was known by many names too, including:

  • Search Engine Registration
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Submission

Since then the landscape has changed. Ask Jeeves (now known simply as ‘Ask’) is the sixth biggest search engine. Meanwhile Yahoo – although still attracting over a billion users per year – sits in fourth position.

Still the question persists: why is SEO still important in 2023? Search engines might come and go but website optimisation continues to be a practice favoured both by marketers and business owners alike.

Here’s our take on why SEO is still popular in 2023…

Organic SEO costs nothing but your time

To write high ranking content you’ll need:

  1. the ability to write error-free, well researched and persuasive copy
  2. basic knowledge of using keyword research tools like Google Ads or Ahrefs
  3. to be technically literate enough to use a Content Management System (CMS)
  4. access to tools like Google Analytics so you can the performance of your pages

This might sound like a lot of work. But if you nail your keyword research – and your copy hits the right note with your target audience – you’ll be able to turn your website into a bona fide lead generation machine.

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving 

Paid advertising works as long as you feed the machine. But once your budget is exhausted, or you need to reallocate spend, the mechanism ceases to serve up those much needed leads.

This is arguably the best reply to the question ‘why is SEO relevant in 2023.’ Well written content, peppered strategically with the right keywords, will continue to attract traffic at no extra cost – provided you track the performance of trophy pages and adjust said content when SERP positions dip.

In terms of Return On Investment (ROI) there’s arguably no better marketing strategy than SEO.

Using SEO to improve user experience

Get closer to your customers

How often have you sweated blood and tears over a thought provoking post you were sure would fly – only for it to disappear into a digital abyss? Use social media to ply your wares and you’re not just competing against commercial rivals – but influencers, musicians, actors. 

In short, the entire world!

So when we ask ‘why is SEO still important in 2023?’ We need to think about user experience. That’s because your website is a sealed off space that lets you speak to visitors on a 121 basis.

Other than email what other digital platform allows you to do this? Provided your copy is on point – and you’re targeting the right demographic with the right questions and solutions – the possibilities are endless.

Ready to take control of your SEO?

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