Why is social responsibility trending in 2023 & what does it mean for your business?

Corporate responsibility isn’t new. In fact it all but disappeared from the corporate lexicon for many years – the term being viewed as outdated. So why is social responsibility trending in 2023 and what does this mean for your business and its marketing strategy?

If we’ve piqued your interest, read on to learn how engaging with the local community could be good for you, your customers, and your chosen causes.


What is social responsibility? 

Cliched as it sounds, social responsibility is about giving back. Examples might include donating money to a homeless charity, or investing money to help build a community centre.

As for why social responsibility is trending in 2023, the phrase has re-entered common usage because businesses know that by doing so:

  • Their brand credibility and reputation will strengthen
  • Employees will become even better ambassadors
  • They’ll be seen as community-driven – not just profit hungry

In short, social responsibility needs to be more than a set of values listed on your About page. Your business needs to live those values too and demonstrate how via its digital channels.

Should your business be socially responsible?

Why is social responsibility trending in 2023? It’s an important question. But a better one is ‘should small businesses plough their hard earned money and time into local causes?’ 

Corporate social responsibility is practiced by big brands like Nike who donated footwear to frontline workers during the pandemic – a noble move that was swiftly recognised and boosted Nike’s profile.

A move on this scale is beyond the means of most businesses. So don’t feel pressure to replicate campaigns run by household names who can afford to give away millions to good causes.

Examples of social responsibility that might inspire you

Now you understand why social responsibility is trending in 2023, here are some examples to help you get started.


Donating employees’ time to work at a local care home is a great way to strengthen your business’s bond with its local community.

Cycle to work

Why not encourage team members to cycle work and promote your scheme in the local papers to persuade other businesses to follow suit.


Use content to be transparent about your values and causes. Then marry your messaging with indisputable data-backed evidence and case studies.

Zero waste

Create and actively promote your business’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by operating a business wide zero waste policy.

Buy local

Supporting other small businesses is important. So buy your stationery, furniture, computer peripherals and healthy snacks for Fruit Fridays locally.

Should corporate social responsibility be part of your marketing strategy?

Marketing and social responsibility might seem at odds with one another. Surely you shouldn’t promote the good work you do to score kudos points? It seems positively unethical.

But you’re not promoting the charity you volunteer for to generate leads. You’re raising the profile of that non-profit and heralding the good work it does. The side effect is your brand name gets noticed.

How can small businesses promote their social-centric focus to the wider community?

In exactly the same way they would a product or service. Draw on the strength of your digital channels to actively and tirelessly promote the good causes you work on behalf of.

  • Donating to a local food bank? Post about it on social media and use a hashtag to encourage other businesses to join your cause.
  • Volunteering at a local care home? Then pick up the phone and tell the local press. Then go and write a blog about what happened.
  • Cycle to work scheme a huge hit? Don’t keep it to yourself. Email your customers, prospects, and stakeholders the good news.

Want to promote the great work you do but don’t know how?

We know why social responsibility is trending in 2023 and what steps to take on behalf of your business. So book your free consultation and get started.

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