Will Yahoo buy back their “cool” with Tumblr?

Yesterday All Things D reported that in an attempt to relocate their cool factor, Yahoo may be looking to strike up a deal with one of the coolest kids on the block, Tumblr.

Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman explained at a conference earlier this week that he has concerns over their “aging demographic” and now reports have emerged of Merissa Mayer having met with Tumblr and the figure being thrown around is 1 billion dollars.

The microblog site boasts over 100 million blogs and 117 million monthly users, but more importantly they are users that heavily represent the 18-24 demographic that have proved so elusive for Yahoo in the last few years.

Rumours have circulated about similar talks with the likes of Pinterest and Daily Motion, so while reports on the Tumblr deal remain speculative and talks could still break down, what’s for certain is that the aging Yahoo are determined to find their cool again.