How to get 5 star Google reviews for your accountancy firm

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[embedpress] [/embedpress] Knowing how to get 5-star Google reviews should form part of your firm’s marketing strategy. Why is social proof so important? Before investing in your service prospects want reassurance.  Questions your customers will be asking include… Are your claims backed up by genuine customer reviews? Are those reviews overwhelmingly positive? Are your accountancy […]

Beating the recession (3) Risk avoidance strategies to help your law firm thrive

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[embedpress][/embedpress] In this challenging economic climate, professional services firms like yours are seeking every way to leverage a competitive advantage. One such method is risk avoidance. But what are risk avoidance strategies and how can they help you weather this financial storm? When we use the term ‘risk avoidance strategies’ we’re talking about something that: […]

Is your website hacker proof? 5 cybersecurity tips designed to help you sleep safe at night

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  Disclaimer: following these 10 essential cybersecurity tips won’t turn your computer into Robocop. We’re good. But not that good. You will, however, be protecting your most powerful digital asset – thereby future-proofing your business. Not convinced? Then consider: 52 million breaches occurred in the second quarter of this year alone It’s anticipated cyberattacks cost […]

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