5 Strategies to Grow your Instagram Account

Instagram login screen

Instagram is a great network for building brand awareness and relationships with your customers online, in a visually compelling way. Instagram has over 200 million daily actives and users tap the like button 2.5 million times daily; proving that I am not the only like-aholic on the planet. If someone has ever told you: “There’s […]

The death of monthly reporting

I don’t know if this is a controversial viewpoint or not, but I’m pretty sure monthly reporting is bullshit. I get that the analysis needs to happen, and I get that some clients (usually marketing managers) like discussing these reports in a lengthy monthly conference call, but for every one of those clients, there are […]

The Brilliant David Aaker Strategic Brand Planning Model – An Overview

We’ve all been there. Some smart ass asks you to explain your target audience, USP or value proposition and it seems that no matter what you say they shoot you down – “It’s too generic. You need to be clearer. You’re trying to cater to too many people. Your USP isn’t really a USP at […]

Modern SEO Part 3 : The Surprising Role Of Influencer Marketing

Your goal is to dominate the rankings. You have a clear brand strategy (see previous post) which means it’s time to start engaging influencers. If that seems like an odd leap then let’s consider some of the factors that might determine your success with SEO: – Awesome content – Links from related sites – Social […]

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