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In a world powered by technology, consumers expect almost everything to be available online; so if your fashion brand chooses to ignore digital marketing, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

When it comes to digital marketing for fashion brands, several key areas must be considered, some of which are outlined below. There are also a number of benefits, which include:

  1. It’s cost-effective
  2. It’s easy to track and measure results
  3. You can reach new audiences efficiently
  4. You have the ability to build stronger relationships with new and existing customers
  5. It’s a great way to build brand awareness, enhance your reputation and drive sales

One of the newer, but by no means lesser, areas of digital marketing is social media. Free, easy to use and a very effective communication tool. The power of social media should not be underestimated – especially when it comes to fashion brands. 

Aside from the fact it is free to use, social media has a range of benefits for fashion brands, including:

  1. Increasing traffic to your website
  2. Boosting your online presence and brand recognition
  3. Reaching new audiences and generating leads
  4. Improving your brand loyalty
  5. SEO benefits

The power of influencers is almost unmatched – particularly when it comes to fashion brands. They are experts within the industry, with loyal followings and a lot of credibility; if they recommend something, it’s highly likely that a lot of people will buy it.

When it comes to influencer marketing for fashion brands, there can be a tendency to focus on those with enormous followings – but it is crucial to remember that bigger isn’t always better. You should choose influencers based on how well they align with your brand, not by how many followers they have: more often than not, micro-influencers produce more effective campaigns than their more well-known counterparts. Ultimately, you must prioritise forming strong partnerships with influencers who believe in your brand and have a genuine interest in what you are selling.

Other key considerations for influencer marketing for fashion brands include: ensuring you manage expectations by establishing a clear communication plan and devising contracts, repurposing any content for use across a range of digital channels and ensuring any influencer activity ties back to your overarching strategy and goals.

To find out more about influencer marketing for your fashion brand, check out our ultimate guide to influencer marketing here.

UX (user experience) design is a fundamental part of digital marketing for fashion brands who wish to sell their products online: and if you are an online-only brand, then this is a make or break for your business.

The first step to nailing your UX design is to conduct market research. This is important not only to identify what your competitors are doing well (and not so well) but also to understand who will be using your website and how you can tailor it to fit their wants and needs. 

Next, you should consider things such as: 

  1. Ensuring your site navigation is clear and easy to use
  2. Considering the use of breadcrumbs to allow users to navigate efficiently through levels 
  3. Including powerful calls to action (CTAs)
  4. Putting thought into any forms used on your site (including everything from auto-populating data to the number of required fields)

Another consideration (and this is arguably one of the most important) is to ensure you are thinking mobile-first. With over half of all traffic now coming from mobile devices, if your site is not optimised for use on mobiles, you will lose a lot of opportunities. When thinking about mobile UX, you should include things such as tabulated content, clickable contact details and text size and density.

Although on the surface it may appear that your campaigns are performing well, to truly gauge success, you need to look at the numbers. It’s important to monitor the metrics most relevant to your goals so you can track your progress towards achieving each and identify any areas in which you may need to improve. 

Here at Boss, we pride ourselves on delivering no-nonsense results to our clients, meaning if something isn’t performing the way we want it to be, we don’t make excuses: we will work on a plan to resolve it and deliver the results you need.

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