Boss Digital provides a range of bespoke services for ambitious insurance companies who wish to transform their marketing.

When you engage with Boss, it’s like having your own internal team of insurance brand experts, copy writers, designers, developers, search marketing experts, social media specialists, and data analysts, only with no overheads and a fraction of the wage bill. We take complete ownership of your digital marketing and will work on-site where required.

Above all, we understand that the impact of everything we do needs to be measured in pounds and pence. This is about results. Enquire today for more information.

Insurance companies can be guilty of a number of things when it comes to their marketing:

  • A focus on sales, not the customer.
  • A lack of strong, consistent branding.
  • An over dependence on pay-per-click advertising.

That’s where we come in. We are here to guide you through your digital marketing journey, delivering results at every step of the way.

Marketing shouldn’t be driven by selling, but rather buying. Anyone can sell insurance, so think about why customers should buy from you.

Customers value experience and make most of their decisions based on emotion, so it’s crucial you understand who your customers are, their needs, and how you can meet them. The key word here is ‘understand’. To be successful you need to understand your customers like they are your best friend; from knowing their wants and dislikes to their preferred channels.

We can help you connect to your customers, arming you with all the information you need – and more – by conducting in-depth market research for your business.

Every piece of marketing should start with you – and by you, we mean your brand. When we think about branding, there’s five key areas we should consider:
  • Purpose – we need to look at the “Why” of your business. Why did you start your insurance company? Why this industry? What is your mission?
  • Values – what matters most to you? What guides your decision making? What are your core values? How are you communicating them? How do they affect the daily processes in your business? It’s fundamental for your values to be embedded into every part of your business.
  • Positioning – what makes you stand out from your competitors? How can you benefit your customers? Anyone can sell insurance, so why should people come to you? It’s vital you understand your customers needs and how you can meet them – and remember, all decisions are driven by some level of emotion.
  • Brand voice – if your brand was a person, how would they speak? What’s their personality? What makes them recognisable? Your brand voice is key to differentiating your brand and forming deep, emotional connections with your customers.
  • Brand identity – a strong, consistent brand identity is key to building credibility and trust for your business. It’s the visual elements of your brand. From your company colours to your logo, your brand identity is the first thing your customers will see – so you need to make an impact.

Now you’ve built a strong brand identity and you know who your audience is, you need to start creating content that engages them.

Your content strategy will be driven by your ‘north star’ – the one goal that sits above the rest and provides clarity and alignment to your business. Your north star will be a reflection of both your values and the value you offer to your customers, and should be a good indicator of future success.

Once you’ve created a strong brand which is supported by a clear content strategy, you are well on your way to generating leads organically. To complete your journey, all you need is a well-thought-out channel strategy; this includes email marketing, organic search and social media.

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