Branding and Logo Design for Law Firms: An Introduction

Branding and logo design has a profound impact on a law firm’s target market. It defines your business. People mistakenly assume that branding is just a selection of attractive colours and a vaguely sufficient icon – but those people couldn’t be more wrong. At just a glance, a potential client makes a thousand snap-judgements when they see your branding. These subliminal messages transmitted through your business’ marketing is a powerful tool that can work with or against you.

When it comes to branding and logo design for law firms, it’s essential to maintain your company’s unique integrity. From your brand values to your communications, every piece of your branding should feel authentic to your business and distinct from your competitors.

Knowing when your brand needs a refresh is vital. That way you can spot the early warning signs and take a proactive approach - rather than waiting for disaster to strike.

Here are just some of the signs to look out for.

  1. Your logo doesn’t reflect your values
  2. Design triumphs over user experience
  3. Identity is inconsistent across platforms
  4. Your content is in need of modernisation
  5. You blend in too much with the competition
  6. Your law firm is rapidly expanding
  7. No brand style guide has been created

If your law firm is starting from ground zero there are certain steps it should take when creating its brand identity.

Here are seven pointers to get you started:

  • Thoroughly research your audience 
  • Start creating customer personas
  • Create a memorable brand name
  • Write a compelling slogan
  • Design an eye-catching logo
  • Ask your team for feedback

Key Considerations for Branding and Logo Design for Law Firms

fingerprintBrand identity

We’re starting with the very building blocks of branding with brand identity. It’s the secret sauce that makes your brand better than the rest. It entirely shapes your company and what comes next – so it’s important to establish it early in the branding process.

Specifically, brand identity is the summation of all the separate factors of your business’ image. Brand identity is a separate thing from brand image or just plain branding – despite these phrases being used interchangeably by some marketers.

Who you are as a law firm is made up of a few key elements, like:

– Your mission (what’s your “why?”)
– Your values (what does your company believe in?)
– Your brand personality (imagine your brand was a person – what sort of  personality would they have?)
– Your unique positioning (what makes you different from your competitors?)
– Your brand voice (what tone of voice does your brand use when it’s communicating internally and externally?)

SEO For Law Firms

campaignTone of voice

Within the legal market, you’re operating in a circle of businesses that all possess a very similar brand voice. They’re likely all mild-mannered with a serious tone. That definitely communicates that you’re a bunch of professionals, but does nothing to help you differentiate yourself from the sea of other bland law firms out there.

See if you can think of a brand with a really distinctive tone of voice. Take Uber, for example. Their tone of voice is simple, bold and consistent. You’ll never find a long rambling paragraph from Uber’s communications. They distinctly ask ‘where to?’ with no fuss or frills. It’s the perfect extension of their fast and effective service.

It’s the same for your law firm’s tone of voice. You need to create a brand voice that is distinctly different from your competition to ensure you stand out. It should also represent your business and how it operates.


We’re all bombarded with thousands of different fonts every day, and each font creates a different subliminal message within your mind. From billboards to book covers, there’s a new font to be found wherever a message needs to be conveyed. Too many businesses fall within the comfortable confines of Times New Roman or Open Sans. Typeface is an extremely powerful tool in your arsenal to help improve your branding. It’s a subliminal kind of language that allows you to craft your business’ distinctive tone.

It might be difficult to understand how type can convey such a large amount of personality. Here are a couple of aspects to consider:

– Serif or Sans-serif? – Your first choice is between these two families of typeface. Serif fonts harken back to a historical age of scripture with their delicate lines. They create a sense of gravitas, class and intelligence – brands like Time Magazine and Rolex. Sans-serif fonts are a more modern invention from the 19th century. They radiate cool, clean modernity and sleek professionalism. Think Facebook and Adidas.

– High or low contrast? – When we say contrast, we’re talking about the thickness between the main and additional stroke. Very low contrast typeface is bold and uniform. This kind of typeface is solid and radiates confidence. Modern, innovative brands like Netflix and Apple use a low contrast typeface. Medium contrast fonts are best for body copy. Staying away from extremes allows for optimum legibility. Very high contrast typeface radiate elegance. Many high fashion brands like Vogue or Dior use high contrast fonts.

– Diagonal or vertical stress? – The stress of a font is the angle that contrast occurs in its lettering. It’s easiest to work out what kind of stress a typeface has by looking at the letter ‘O’. If the bottom left is thicker than the top left, then that’s diagonal stress. This style is reminiscent of calligraphy and has a friendly, inviting, warm feel to it. Vertical stress is when the left and right side of the letter is thicker and the tops are thinner. These styles feel bold and striking with a core of confidence and authority.

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Other Services for Law Firms

In addition to our branding packages, Boss Digital can support law firms with a range of additional digital marketing activities including:

“For the cost of one internal marketing manager we’re able to have an entire team of content and digital experts, and without any of the overheads. Our results across social media, SEO, PPC and email have been transformed. It’s the beat money we spend each month.”

– Rick Miles, Head of Recruitment for Ark Teacher Training.

Case Studies

Crafting your law firm’s branding and logo design from scratch, or starting over again, can definitely feel like an insurmountable task if you’re unsure and going in blind. These changes take extensive research, planning alongside both design and industry knowledge to boot. We’ve helped a range of exciting companies transform their branding and logo design to better align with their company culture, mission and values.

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The Benefits of Branding and Logo Design for Law Firms

It’s well established that the legal market is a competitive place to be. Everyone is vying for clients whilst all looking and sounding almost identical in tone. For any potential clients, it can be difficult to see the value from one firm to another. It’s the law firms with strong branding and logo design that win the day in this regard. In a simple glance, a prospective client should be able to recognise what your law firm is about and what makes it unique. Once you’ve established a firm branding and logo, it’ll be instantly recognisable.

If a customer can more readily recognise your brand, they’re more likely to feel an increased amount of loyalty towards you. Customer loyalty is the natural effect of a continuously positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction, and perceived value of a strong brand – all things which strong branding and logo design provides. And once your brand is telling a story that people want to hear, they’ll repeat it to friends, family, and strangers at the bus stop. They’ll become your brand ambassadors thanks to the stellar storytelling created by your branding and logo design.

There are plenty of law firms out there that aren’t high-quality businesses. A key giveaway that a business isn’t quite up to scratch is its branding and logo design. Your branding and logo design for law firms is a chance to show off your quality as a business. The more you project that you’re a reputable business, the more readily your target audience will embrace your brand. That means you can expect to find your advertising is more successful after you’ve established your business with strong branding and logo design.

Effective branding and logo design doesn’t just attract potential clients. It attracts potential employees, too! Law firms with great branding draw in the best talents because they display their great company culture and values. Amongst dull and uninteresting firms, businesses that appear confident and unique is more attractive to an applicant. Everyone wants to work for strong, interesting brands, after all.

Additional Branding Considerations for Law Firms

Boss Digital are keen to support law firms with every aspect of their branding. However, if you do choose to work on your branding yourself, you should keep the following in mind:

paletteColour psychology

Whether you are conscious of it or not, our brains are wired to make associations. And with colour being all around us, it’s safe to say these subconscious connections can have a big impact on our thoughts, decisions and reactions. They can evoke emotions, enhance experiences, create lasting impressions and, of course, increase brand awareness – so choosing the right colour palette is a big deal. If you want to discover the science behind colour psychology and find out more about how it affects branding, get clued up with our ultimate guide to colour psychology here.


From email signatures to letterheads, your website to uniforms, your branding and logo design will appear all over the place in a variety of ways. As such, your designs need to be versatile enough to look great across a range of formats. Just like a picture, your branding and logo design can tell a thousand words, so it is vitally important to get right and incredibly valuable when you do.


You know what they say – consistency is key. As a professional service firm, you should have clear brand guidelines in place detailing specific colours, fonts and imagery to be used. (And if not, it’s an important thing to put together.) Those guidelines are a holy grail. By repeating specific elements across your designs, you will be creating consistency, which not only looks great but will help people remember your brand too! Think about it: the more you see something, the more likely you are to recall and recognise it in the future. When used within your designs, repetition will not only strengthen your brand image but will also help to create consistency, cohesiveness and a lasting impression.

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