Website Design for Law Firms - An Introduction

The recent digital revolution in the legal market, coupled with the extenuating circumstances caused by recent world events has meant that law firms have become increasingly reliant on online consultations and website enquiries. Previously, there was an assumption that business just ‘walked through the door’, or called for legal counsel – this has all changed. Now, a good website is more important than ever, however, for many law firms, web design is little more than an after-thought. Naturally, this results in a product that fails to fulfil customer needs. 

Good web design for law firms is now absolutely vital. As well as providing an initial touchpoint for potential customers, and therefore the chance to make a good first impression, they are also the key link between your returning customers and your brand. Resultantly, you need to ensure your site meets a variety of different requirements.

Website design for law firms has manifold benefits including positive SEO impact, increased web site accessibility and a stronger digital brand identity. Furthermore, it presents the chance to foster positive relationships between your law firm and new or existing clientele. giving you additional competitive advantage.

Boss Digital is ready to support law firms that are looking to revolutionise their website for the better. Through our consultation and implementation service, we can help create a quality website that puts user experience first and greatly increases your ability to garner enquiries for your legal services. 

Key Considerations for Web Design for Law Firms

Alongside your mailing list, your website is the only asset that you have total ownership over. Therefore, law firms need to take advantage of this control and create websites that look amazing, meet all visitor needs and improve your search engine performance. This means your law firm will be uniquely positioned to get more traffic and enquiries.

Creating and implementing is just the start of web design for law firms. It must involve evaluating the changes you’ve made to ensure they’ve had a positive impact. To summarise, creating a killer website for your law firm will involve many aspects including:


Creating a clear strategy is always the first step towards success when it comes web design for law firms. Knowing your end goals makes it a lot easier for law firms to implement positive and effective change within set timeframes. There should always be several main goals that need to remain as the priority focus throughout. Law firms will usually be looking to get more enquiries or interest in their legal services, but there will always also be a focus on improving search engine performance. 

A web design strategy for law firms should always think about two things. Firstly, there should be a consideration of target audience, and secondly of competition in the legal market. Although target audiences for law firms might be extremely varied depending on the legal service on offer, they are all going to have different levels of expectation about your law firm and it’s imperative that you meet these demands. From a competition perspective, law firms have to be aware of who else is offering a similar service and need to safeguard against this by promoting their own USPs, which will help them stand out.

Boss Digital can support law firms with a clear and thorough website design strategy plan in order to ensure that the implementation process goes by seamlessly with minimal disruption to day-to-day activity.


User-unfriendly websites are the absolute bane of most people’s browsing experience, and unfortunately, many law firms fall into this category. They focus on getting detail onto the page which results in packed and crammed sites that just put users off choosing those particular legal services. This means no enquiries and of course, no revenue for your business! With purse strings tighter due to recent socio-political events, it’s more vital than ever for law firms to have good usability on their websites. 

What does good usability look like? Firstly, it means that law firms need to create pages with optimised site speeds. Landing pages that pass Google’s Core Web Vitals checks have the best chance of meeting user expectations from a usability standpoint. Furthermore, it’s good to have clear navigation between landing pages for different legal products or services. Additionally, search functionality can help users that have more complex enquiries, and reviewing internal and external sitelinks means that law firms can spot 404 errors that arise from broken links. 

Boss Digital can help law firms that want to create a great user experience for their viewers by creating websites that are user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely fast to load.

view_sidebarVisual Design

There is a common misconception that law firms need to be ‘boring’. The majority use the same styles, designs and colours and don’t differentiate themselves from the crowd. Whilst good design isn’t going to guarantee your law firm improves in performance, it’s certainly true that bad design is going to have a negative effect on your traffic, page time and results. Therefore, reviewing visuals is always going to be worthwhile when it comes to web design for law firms.

For site layout, law firms must balance the on-page text-based content with other multimedia and visual content to accurately convey their expertise and their brand story without appearing gimmicky or tacky. Coded content, such as Javascript, can also be effective for displaying specific modules for a quality landing page experience. Your brand identity should always be clearly visible throughout your site and reflected through the colour palettes, typography and imagery that you choose. Although it’s not always something law firms think about, strong visual identity can actually be a uniquely valuable USP, so it’s worth taking time to consider all opportunities and angles. 

Boss Digital offer a full branding consultation service in addition to our web design for law firms. This makes us uniquely placed to help you make a website that is both visually appealing and also represents your law firm brand in the best way possible.  

insightsContent & SEO

Good website content for law firms is concise, pithy and showcases your expertise in the chosen field of law, or service/sector requiring counsel. All too often, this approach is neglected and instead firms release jargon-heavy content that either confuses or disinterests website visitors, causing them to look elsewhere. Website content should be incredibly powerful for law firms as it helps demonstrate industry-specific insight, service-specific knowledge or practical case studies to help win over prospective clients. Content is the framework between building client relationships and good content can help tip the balance in favour of your law firm when people are unsure whether to use your services. Therefore, it’s vital to make it relevant, interesting and accessible to all of your audience.

Another key part of web design for law firms is technical SEO. Although it’s often neglected, it should actually be the most important aspect because it dictates how visible your content is within the SERPs. There is a simple list of technical SEO requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for your law firm to have the best chance of ranking well. These include using keywords effectively and judiciously throughout your copy, optimising your on-page imagery with alt-tags and using relevant and appropriate meta titles and descriptions. Furthermore, some law firms will use rich markup language such as Schema to showcase their awards, services, locations or articles to help search engines differentiate the different content they offer on-site.

Boss Digital provides law firms with help and guidance on how to optimise their existing content for better performance, as well as being able to create highly specialised legal content that meets technical SEO standards too. 

important_devicesResponsivity & Accessibility

In recent years, law firms have been receiving an increasingly high volume of traffic from mobile devices. Therefore, law firm’s website needs to be geared towards this audience. By taking measures to make your website as responsive as possible, you can continue to provide your audience with a smooth viewing experience which maximises the chance of you getting a conversion. 

Accessibility is also important for law firms. The web needs to be used by people of all abilities and therefore companies can’t afford to ignore measures to make it accessible. Making changes such as allowing for keyboard-only navigation can be a big help. Additionally, ensuring fonts and sizes being legible and appropriate on all devices is another small step businesses can take. Finally, law firms need to choose their colour contrasts carefully, factoring in visual impairments where possible. 

Boss Digital use a variety of tools and services to support law firms in creating responsive and accessible websites that meet a variety of user needs.

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Other Services for Law Firms

In addition to web design, Boss Digital can help support law firms with other marketing activities including: 

“For the cost of one internal marketing manager we’re able to have an entire team of content and digital experts, and without any of the overheads. Our results across social media, SEO, PPC and email have been transformed. It’s the beat money we spend each month.”

– Rick Miles, Head of Recruitment for Ark Teacher Training.

Case Studies

Explore how Boss Digital have already helped a number of law firms to implement quality design and content for their new websites.

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The Benefits of Web Design for Law Firms

Strong website design is essential for law firms, bringing in a range of benefits, including:

Law firms forget the importance of user experience because they often rush to pack in a lot of details about their services or expertise and this often leads to users instead feeling overwhelmed by the depth of content on page. As a result, they often find they do not meet their browsing requirements and therefore choose to go elsewhere. Site times are hugely influential when it comes to search engine results, so maximising this always needs to be priority for law firms. Good web design for law firms will put users first, meaning you can focus on meeting their requirements, which will keep them on your website. 

Law firms are increasingly operating in more competitive markets and more firms are popping up to offer certain services such as will-writing, or property law support. As a result, law firms need to spend more time developing strong digital brand identity. A visually appealing website can help law firms significantly as it helps to ensure that your business can always be identified and stands out from competitors, which is a highly valuable USP that few law firms currently benefit from.

Law firms that make great content don’t always get the desired impact when it comes to search engine results for main keywords. Usually, this is because law firms fail to remember to incorporate technical SEO into their website design. Although technical SEO is not the most exciting aspect of website design, it is incredibly important! Simple solutions like optimising image sizes and picking the right alt-text, having an updated sitemap and other quick fixes can go a long way in making your website more appealing to search engine crawler robots. As a result, you give your law firm a better chance of appearing for those important keywords in the rankings.

The best law firms will be those that nail their visual identity and promote interesting content that encourages users to take action and make enquiries. Law firms that meet customer needs by a blend of relevant content and user-friendly design are more likely to get enquiries via their website compared to other firms. Additionally, these law firm websites have higher traffic levels compared to their competitors, and this puts them in a better position in regards to getting more enquiries and sales.

Web Design Considerations for Law Firms

Boss Digital are experienced at supporting law firms to help them take their website design to the next level. As part of our service, we also support law firms with the following provisions:

groupsAudience Needs & Expectations

Law firms deal with a wide range of different customers and clients, so it’s important to ensure that they meet their needs and expectations. Our website strategy consultation will help you establish the key stakeholders and needs that your law firm needs to consider, so you can optimise your content around these.

codeThe Backend Process

Unlike some agencies that don’t offer ongoing support, Boss Digital provides full and detailed training to law firms to help them manage the backend of their website, to ensure it’s easy for them to add additional content and pages when required.

support_agentUpkeep & Support

As part of our website package, Boss Digital can also help law firms with longer term technical support too. We offer full set-up and management of a number of tools including Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, as well as plug-in update guidance to keep your site running smoothly in the longer term.

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