Boss Digital offers tailor-made solutions for ambitious logistics companies who are looking to evolve their marketing.

When you work with Boss, it’s like having your own team of marketing specialists – from SEO experts to content creators – but with no overheads and for a fraction of the cost. We take care of your digital marketing, so you can focus on logistics.

Above all, we recognise the importance of delivering results to you at every step of the way,  measuring everything we do in pounds and pence. Contact us today for more information.

The logistics industry plays a fundamental role in supporting the UK economy and has a significant impact on a number of industries. Whilst the demand is high, the supply is also growing, with over 192,000 logistics companies now in the UK. As competition continues to rise, it’s vital you pay attention to your marketing strategy, ensuring that you are able to adapt and evolve to meet ever-changing demands and expectations. 

You need a watertight digital marketing strategy that addresses your customer’s needs and sets you apart from your competitors. We will work with you to develop a powerful marketing strategy that helps you meet your business goals and enables you to meet your full potential. 

One of the most effective ways to make your business stand out from your competitors is by building a strong brand. Show your audience why your logistics company exists, don’t focus on boring them with what you do or how you do it like most other companies in your industry will do. Think about your vision and your goals, and tell your story, because that is what will make your business different from the rest. 

Once you’ve established your brand purpose and voice, you will then want to consider your brand identity. You need to create a powerful and consistent visual brand that will make your business recognisable and help to build credibility. This includes a range of elements – from typeface to company colours – all of which we can work with you to develop. 

Content marketing is arguably one of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy, as it’s what helps to communicate your brand story, address your audience’s queries and create value for them. If you are regularly posting relevant content that benefits your audience in some way, you will be helping to build authority and trust and form stronger relationships, which will ultimately generate more leads and create a more loyal customer base. 

As a logistics company, you will want to make sure that you have a powerful and positive online presence. Think, if a potential customer Googles your business, what will they see? You want to ensure you establish yourself as an industry expert and set your business apart from your competitors, you can do this in a number of ways, from publishing insightful blog posts to updating your audience with the latest industry news. 

Some of the key considerations for creating an effective content marketing strategy include: 

  • Knowing your goal – what do you want to achieve by creating a content marketing strategy? What key content pillars would help you achieve your goals? 
  • Understanding your audience – think about who your audience is and what interests them. Is your content helping to solve a common problem faced by your audience? Is it relevant to them? What type of content do they want to see?
  • Being aware of your competitors – what makes your business unique? Why should someone choose your logistic company over one of your competitors? Are there things your competitors do particularly well that you could learn from? 
  • Managing your content – have you conducted a content audit? Do you have a content calendar? 

For a logistics company, traffic will often be a bad thing – but not when it’s coming to your website. Your SEO (search engine optimisation) is what will get your business noticed by customers, as it’s what will help your website rank more highly on the search engine results pages. Creating a strong brand and publishing high-quality, consistent content will play a part in improving your SEO, but there is so much more to it than that. We will work with you to improve your SEO, looking at everything from site speed and appearance to links and site navigation. 

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