Boss Digital offers a range of bespoke services for ambitious manufacturers who are looking to transform their digital marketing strategy.

Working with Boss Digital you will have your own team of marketing experts, covering everything from copywriting to SEO to web design. We will take total ownership of your digital marketing, delivering results at every step of the way.

We recognise the importance of value, and that’s why we measure everything we do in pounds and pence. Enquire today for more information.

To be successful in today’s technology-driven society, it’s fundamental for businesses to constantly develop their digital marketing strategies to meet the ever-changing consumer expectations – and the manufacturing industry is no exception.

For manufacturers, having an effective digital marketing strategy can be hugely beneficial in terms of lead generation, sales, customer retention and brand authority. We will work with you to develop a watertight strategy designed to help you meet your business objectives, including everything from SEO to content creation.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for lead generation, as it’s what will put your company at the top of the search engine results and help to build brand awareness. More and more, people are turning to Google to answer their questions, which is why SEO is becoming increasingly important. Think about it, if you Google “manufacturers near me”, naturally, you’re going to gravitate towards the top-ranked results. So, to stand out from your competitors, you need an effective SEO strategy that improves the ranking of your website and makes your manufacturing business the solution that Google recommends.

From working on optimising on-page and technical elements of your website to monitoring your ranking for key terms in SERP, we will take care of everything and help you to increase traffic to your website and achieve your business goals.

The content you post is fundamental to the success of your manufacturing business, as it’s where you can offer the most value to your customers (and potential customers). Whether it’s creating content for landing pages designed to help inform prospective customers of the services you offer and the benefits you can provide to them, or creating content for your blog or social platforms to help educate your audience and establish yourself as an industry leader, everything you post should have your audience and your company goals in mind. 

Creating content that offers value to your audience can help build trust and credibility for your manufacturing company, and encourage loyalty from your customers. We will work with you to develop a strong content framework that will deliver results, including everything from content pillars to an effective content calendar.

Whilst not everything will deliver immediate results, we believe that it’s important to keep you updated at every stage of your digital marketing journey, which is why we offer regular meetings to report on the progress of your marketing campaigns and ensure everything we do is aligned with your business objectives. 

For each manufacturer we work with, we will develop specific SMART targets and KPIs to ensure all marketing efforts are focused on helping your business achieve your goals and enable your company to grow.

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