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Recruitment companies tend to be guilty of a number of things when it comes to their marketing:

  • Vague and generic brand identities.
  • A lack of any real content strategy.
  • An over dependence on paid advertising and outbound sales models, and a lack of inbound channel activity, particularly social media and SEO.

The simplest way to consider brand is to break it up into its component parts:

  • Purpose – this is about understanding your “Why”. Why is it that you exist? What is it about the industry that you believe is wrong and that you intend to fix?
  • Core – what’s the one characteristic that will define you above everything else? What is the one word that you want your customers and the industry as a whole to associate with you?
  • Organisational values – what are your organisational values? Are they clearly documented? How do you reinforce them in day to day life? How do they affect the recruitment process and pay reviews? If they are not built into the entire DNA of the company then they are not worth the paper they are written on.
  • Service features and benefits – what are the key features of your service that set you apart, and how do they benefit the clients (both the recruiting companies and the prospective candidates)? You should break down your benefits into those that are emotional, those that are self expensive (say something positive about the person) and those that are rational. Needless to say that within professional services like recruitment we tend to naturally focus on the rational, but we should remember that all decisions are on some level driven by emotion.
  • Brand personality – if the brand was a person, what would they be like? How would they talk, what job role would they hold, what would their interests be outside of work? By building a rich personality for the brand you will find it far easier to communicate on an emotional level with your audience.
  • Visual identity – from your logo to typeface, and colour palette to user imagery, it’s essential there is a clear framework for your marketers to operate within to ensure consistency over time (and brand reinforcement is absolutely dependent on consistency).

Once the brand identity is created, the next step is to build a content strategy that enables you to engage with each of your target audiences.

A content strategy should always be spearheaded by what we call a Big Idea – something that truly differentiates your brand and behind which all of your day to day content activity can be aligned.

One example within the recruitment sector, would be to set out to build a community among your target audience by interviewing leading business people and experts from within that sector and sharing their insight freely via a blog, although rather than calling it a blog you would almost certainly sub-brand it to something more engaging.

There also needs to be a detailed content framework, with clearly defined subjects and objectives, along with the channels that they correspond to.

By building a strong brand identity and clear content strategy you will be in a fantastic position to start generating leads organically, however that does require a clear channel strategy:

  • Organic search – a common mistake made by recruitment agencies is that they have their jobs displayed dynamically. In other words, there aren’t static URL’s for the search engines to index. This is a huge error as most people will search specifically by job, sector or region, so if there aren’t corresponding landing pages with rich detail then your website is casting its keyword net far too narrowly.
  • Social media – having fantastic content is one thing but you also need to be clear on the social channels through which it will be distributed and how you will promote the content with targeted media plans so that it reaches its intended audience.
  • Email marketing – email is one of the most important channels for recruitment companies. Not only is it essential for distributing job opportunities to candidates and cv’s to companies, but it is also key for promoting your sector content. In fact, often you’ll find that most of your content engagement and social shares come via your email list, as counterintuitive as that may sound!

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