Boss Digital offers a wide range of bespoke services for enterprising wholesalers who are keen to upgrade their marketing.

When you work with Boss, it’s like having your own team of marketing experts, but for a fraction of the price. From copywriting and market research to designing and data analysis, we will take complete ownership of your digital marketing. 

We recognise the importance of delivering results, and that’s why the impact of everything we do is measured in pounds and pence. Enquire today for more information.

In today’s society, people are relying more and more on technology to solve all of their issues. With consumer preferences changing and expectations becoming increasingly high, wholesalers must now adapt to the digital era and evolve their marketing strategies to meet consumer demands and remain successful. 

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy can help transform your wholesale business and put you on the path to success. From improving your SEO to creating valuable content, we are here to help you get results. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is fundamental for increasing your organic search traffic and improving the visibility of your wholesale business. Boss Digital has over 10 years experience working with businesses to optimise their websites, improving both user experience and search engine visibility. Some of the key considerations for SEO are: 

  • Does your website offer value to the consumer? Are you creating relevant content that meets their needs? Is your content unique?
  • Are you using relevant keywords effectively? 
  • Do you have internal and external links to your website?
  • Have you considered technical optimisation? How quickly does your site load? Is your website compatible with mobile devices? How secure is your site? 

Creating strong content will not only benefit your SEO, but will also help satisfy your audience and make your business stand out from other wholesalers. Whether it’s producing high-quality images or writing engaging product descriptions, it’s important to know exactly what content you need to create, when to do it and how it will help you meet your business goals. To tick these boxes, we would use: 

  • Content pillars: used to define clear themes to guide your content. 
  • Content calendar: keep track of posts and ensure you are regularly publishing relevant content.
  • Campaigns: to make your wholesale business stand out, you need attention-grabbing creative campaign ideas. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way for wholesalers to see immediate results. From choosing the platform to monitoring the success of your advertisements, we will be with you at every step of the way to ensure you are getting the right kind of advertising to meet your goals.

Here at Boss Digital, we pride ourselves on being open with our clients – and this means delivering honest results to you at every stage. We will work with you to establish your ‘north star’ which will be used to guide everything we do. Working with SMART targets and KPIs will allow us to align every activity with your business goals and help to optimise the success of your digital marketing campaign. 

For more information on developing a digital strategy for a wholesale business, please email or call 01628 783973.

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