Why The Turing Trust

For some time we’d been looking to partner with a charity that’s not only making the world a better place, but doing so through the use of technology, so when we encountered the Turing Trust, it felt like the perfect match.

Their mission is to empower disadvantaged communities using information technology-enabled learning, and over the years, they have helped thousands of people to do just that. To find out more about the work of The Turing Trust, visit their website here.


Turing Trust branding - logo

“The team at Boss have done some incredible work for the charity that has truly gone above and beyond our expectations. We found through working with them that they have a deep knowledge of the digital marketing space that helped us to make informed decisions quickly. Perhaps most importantly, they are a wonderful group to work with who have revolutionised the way we’re approaching the online world which we think is about the highest praise we can give as an IT-focused charity!”

– James Turing, The Turing Trust.


Website development - Phase 1

In 2019, with the help of Interstate Creative Partners, The Turing Trust went through a complete rebrand which led to the development of its current logo and branding guidelines.

The next challenge was finding a way to implement the new branding across all digital channels, starting with their website – and this is where we come in.

During the first lockdown, our team worked hard to develop a professional, on-brand website that conveys the vision and values of The Turing Trust.


We started by doing an audit of the current site to gather imagery and content to be updated and used on the new website. We then moved onto reviewing the technical aspects, such as the sitemap.

Website development - Phase 2

After completing market research and developing a better understanding of The Turing Trust’s vision and goals, we began developing the wireframes and designs for the new site. We then worked with key stakeholders from The Turing Trust to gather feedback which was used to update and finalise our designs.

The following months were focused on making our vision a reality. This included:

  • Setting up the new server
  • Writing and updating website copy
  • Developing necessary pages
  • On-page and off-page SEO


In August 2020, the new website was approved and made live.

Turing Trust website

Getting the website right was fundamental. We needed to ensure it was engaging, on-brand and aligned with the vision of The Turing Trust, but most importantly, it needed to help raise awareness and drive donations. The new site has been able to do all of this and more.

We’ve taken their updated brand identity and turned it into a new website experience that we’re optimistic will not only attract more visitors but convert them into engaged donors for the Trust.

“One of the new features of our redesigned website is our streamlined IT donations process.”

The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust Podcast

To help The Turing Trust grow its online presence and generate more awareness and donations, we proposed The Turing Trust Podcast. With everyone on board with the idea, in November 2020 we began researching and contacting potential interviewees who we felt were aligned with The Turing Trust’s values and demonstrated a passion for CSR and innovation.

Once the first interview was arranged, we worked with The Turing Trust to propose questions, record, edit and transcribe the podcast. We then designed the cover art and ensured the podcast was published across a range of relevant platforms. By January 2021, the first episode of The Turing Trust Podcast was live

The podcast is now available in both video and audio format, both of which you can find here.

Social media

To maximise the impact of The Turing Trust Podcast, we helped to develop assets and copy for use by the trust across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Along with publishing traditional image posts, we also created several audiograms to help engage users and ultimately, drive more traffic to The Turing Trust website.

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