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Via Resource are a specialist cyber security recruitment agency. For over a decade they have been working with the UK’s largest and most trusted brands to ensure their cyber security functions are packed with world class talent.

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The Challenge

Despite having a great reputation in the industry, Via Resource’s marketing was otherwise limited to an outdated website with no sense of brand, and no means through which to build new contacts or leads.

Their content was generic and making little impact upon their target audience. A full review was required across all channels, both online and offline.


The Solution

Step 1 – The Brand

There was little point in directing people to a website with no coherent identity or clear messaging, so the first step was to define and capture everything that had contributed to their success over the past decade. This identity document has since acted as the spine for our messaging across every channel, ensuring consistency and impact.



Step 2 – The Content

Our next step was to launch an ambitious content strategy. Something that would not only open doors for Via Resource, but that would have the potential to support its vision of narrowing the cyber skills gap. As such, we launched The Cyber Leaders’ Network, an online magazine where we have interviewed some of the biggest names in cyber security on the hottest topics in their world.

The Outcome

Now that we had a world class source of content, it was time to direct that to our priority channels:

LinkedIn – via the Cyber Leaders’ Network brand, we have been able to develop an effective data capture strategy, principally targeting CISO’s and key decision makers, which then enters a lead nurturing process. This is not a hard sell but rather about remaining top of mind by providing regular educational insight.

Email – as one of only two digital assets a company owns (the other being its website), building and nurturing the email list is of huge strategic importance for Via Resource. All data captured is added to this list and nurtured carefully over time.

SEO – through extensive on-page optimisation and addressing some historical technical challenges, we were able to hit page 1 for a range of key industry terms.

Offline – the interviews themselves have provided a great networking opportunity, and our next step is to bring together these industry leaders within a series of roundtable events.


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