Boss Digital provides a range of bespoke services for ambitious professional service organisations, including estate agents who want a fresh approach to their marketing strategy. For estate agents looking to secure that coveted number one organic search engine ranking, they should choose BOSS Digital for their search engine optimisation (SEO) needs.

When you engage with Boss, it’s like having your own internal team of brand experts, copy writers, designers, developers, search marketing experts and data analysts, only with no overheads and a fraction the wage bill. We take complete ownership of your digital marketing and will work on-site where required.

Rather than spending years identifying all the specialist skills required, you can hire Boss Digital immediately, and if it doesn’t work out then you can draw it to a close without any fuss.

Above all, we understand that the impact everything we do needs to be measured in pounds and pence. This is about results.


When trying to sell or buy a home, people will usually spend time researching their options online and looking at the most respected and reputable estate agents. Unless you are operating in an extremely niche property market, not featuring on the first page of results will mean people are unlikely to know about your estate agent services and you risk being unable to convert business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to ensure that you are able to stand out against your competitors and also assure people of your credibility and experience by providing them with content-rich, easy-to-navigate pages that offer ample opportunity for conversions and direct contacts.

With the property market already one of the most competitive in the UK, you need to take advantage of anything that can help differentiate you, including good SEO.


If you’ve Googled key search terms recently and your business has not been top of the list, BOSS Digital are here to help.

Through our consultative service, we’ll help identify the key areas where you can improve your website and facilitate this by making changes in the front-and-back-end aspects of your website to help you raise your website traffic levels, lower your bounce rate and make your organisation as trustworthy as possible in the eyes of the search engines.

Often neglected by estate agents because they don’t understand, or more often don’t know, technical SEO helps makes your site tick.

Our team will undertake a complete review of your website, focusing on key technical aspects like site-loading time, browser suitability and cookie policies among others to ensure it is as optimised as possible.

If you have a clear focused market e.g. Business Estates for Sale, then we can also create rich snippet and Schema mark-up to help the search engines identify your unique estate agent services.

After looking at what your customer cannot see, we’ll focus on what they can see in terms of your brand. Our consultants will review your site testing:

  • Performance against the key search terms
  • Rankings for Short-tail Organic Traffic
  • Title Tag Suitability
  • Image Alt-Tag Suitability
  • Appropriate Headers
  • Clear, compelling, relevant URLs

Rather than just having walls of text on your landing page, BOSS Digital’s content marketing team will help you identify and explore the information your users want the most.

From video content, testimonials, technical whitepapers, industry statistics, and lightbox forms, plus much more, our expert service will ensure your brand has information and credibility at the core.

To communicate your estate agency’s brand effectively, you need to engage your users. BOSS Digital have a plethora of experience in creating dynamic content with appropriate and frequent calls to action to encourage conversions.

From meta-description to background image, we’ll engage your website users from day one, so when the time comes to purchase or sell their property, you’ll be the premier and only choice for UK estate agents.

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