The first thing to get in your mind when starting an SEO strategy, is to forget all about SEO. That probably sounds like an odd thing to say but the reason is simple. The days of very tactical, very technical SEO campaigns that are geared towards identifying the shortcomings of Google’s algorithm and using them your advantage, those days are long gone. If that’s your objective, to sneak under the radar, employ some dodgy tactics and artificially inflate your rankings, then forget it. You may enjoy some short term wins, but it’s never going to be sustainable.

Google has one objective in mind and that’s to provide the best content from the most trusted brands for any given search query and it is bloody good at doing it. So you need to be thinking about all the different things that contribute to that – you need to be thinking about the business you’re representing, the audience you’re trying to engage with, the content that’s going to satisfy their search intent, you need to be thinking about social media, and mobile UX and a thousand other things, but first of all you need to begin by adopting that mentality – this is all about building the best content and the most trusted brand.