The big idea must embody your brand’s promise while encompassing a significant proportion of your brand marketing activity. The best ideas spearhead everything from content generation and brand positioning to link solicitation (for SEO) and influencer engagement.

The Benefits of bIG IDEAS

A big idea is something that spearheads all content activity over a period of months and even years. It’s something that your brand becomes famous for and that enables you to consistently connect with your audience.

Clear Direction

The big idea determines the direction in which all your content will follow, providing an overarching aim that you are hoping to achieve through each piece of content.

Cohesive Content

A big idea ensures that all content pieces within a campaign are interconnected, creating a consistent narrative and messaging across various channels. This reinforces brand identity and fosters a deeper understanding of your campaign's core message.

Asset Building

A well-defined big idea allows you to repurpose and build upon content assets, maximising their value. It becomes a versatile foundation for creating diverse content across a range of formats, saving time and resources while maintaining a unified brand voice and message.

Gets People’s Buy In

A compelling big idea captures your audience's attention and resonates with their emotions, motivating them to align with the campaign's purpose and vision. This emotional connection increases the likelihood of audience participation, loyalty, and conversion.


Even with a detailed content framework there is still a real danger that with so many brands competing for the attention of your audience, you may not be able to cut through the noise. This is the reason why, for every campaign, you'll want to generate at least two or three seriously big ideas.

Key Considerations for BIG IDEAS

Big ideas can be the differentiating factor that elevates your content strategy and sets your brand apart, so investing time and effort into its formulation is vital. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Audience Understanding

Before you begin thinking about big ideas, you need to deeply understand your target audience’s preferences, pain points, interests, and aspirations. The big idea should be tailored to resonate with their emotions and needs to create a strong connection.

brand alignment

Ensure that the big idea aligns with your brand’s values, personality, and overall mission. It should reinforce your brand identity and contribute to building a consistent brand image.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Incorporate your product or service’s unique selling proposition into your big idea. Highlight what sets your brand apart from competitors and how it addresses your audience’s specific needs.

Emotionally Resonant

Aim to evoke emotions in your audience through the big idea. Emotional connections are powerful drivers of engagement and can leave a lasting impact on consumers.

Strategic Goals

Align the big ideas with specific marketing and business objectives. They should contribute to achieving measurable goals, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting sales.

Testing and Feedback

Before fully implementing your big ideas, conduct testing and seek feedback from a select group of your target audience. This helps refine the concepts and ensures they resonate effectively with the intended audience.

Longevity and Sustainability

Aim for a big idea that has the potential for long-term sustainability, allowing it to be the cornerstone of multiple campaigns or content initiatives over time.


Frequently Asked Questions about Big Ideas

Yes, a well-formulated big idea can be adapted to various content formats and marketing channels. It acts as a unifying thread that ties different content pieces together, maintaining a consistent brand message across platforms.

Yes, a big idea may evolve as your business or market dynamics change. While the core concept remains intact, minor adjustments can keep it relevant and effective in addressing evolving audience preferences or trends.

While aligning with current trends can add relevance, a big idea should also have an enduring quality. Strive for a balance between timely elements and a core concept that stands the test of time.

A big idea should be broad enough to appeal to various audience segments, but it can be adapted or personalised to suit different demographics, ensuring it resonates with diverse groups.

Conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities. Make sure your big idea emphasises your brand’s distinct strengths and offers a fresh perspective to captivate the audience.

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The fundamentals of great Marketing

No matter what sector you’re in, we believe that the fundamentals of great marketing never change


From your website user experience to the user imagery within your social media, brand is every moment of every interaction with your business. Defining who you are.


Get your content right, and the channels will all but take care of themselves. It is not enough for content to be superficially on-brand, but rather it must drive the brand’s vision, no matter how ambitious.


It’s no coincidence that the best B2B marketers are endlessly curious individuals who understand the value of research. I’s where every great strategy begins.


There is no better way of capturing incredible B2B or professional service content whilst simultaneously raising awareness and growing credibility, than by engaging with the top 1% of your target market; the influencers.


From SEO to email marketing and webinars to social media, your content needs to be distributed across all the relevant channels as you develop brand into a serious digital asset. Meanwhile, a paid lead generation strategy that limits cost per acquisition (CPA) may also be required, depending on short term targets.


In order to avoid “analysis paralysis”, a small number of headline metrics at both brand and commercial levels should be agreed upon, along with the frequency of updates. We typically find that weekly mini-reports ensure constant momentum without disrupting day to day activity.

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