An Evening with the Turings

In 2022 Boss Digital & the Turing Trust will be hosting a series of events for business leaders from the legal sector at Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park


Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • Managing Partners
  • CIOs/CTOs
  • Heads of Marketing / Communications / Business Development


The Agenda & Format

  • Groups of 8 in boardroom format – the key discussion topics will focus on transformation, data and automation
  • Additional speakers on:
    • Developing a 5 year strategy for automation
    • The 3 trends that will define marketing in the legal sector over the next 3 years


What’s The Cost

Attendance is free. All that we ask is that you introduce whoever is responsible for your IT to the Turing Trust so they can learn about how the charity provides a solution for your old IT kit that is not only cost effective and safe, but also transformative for the lives of those who would otherwise have no access to such technology.


About The Turing Trust

Enigma machine
Receive a guided tour from the relatives of Alan Turing.

Founded by Alan Turing’s family, The Turing Trust seeks to continue his legacy by using technology to empower disadvantaged communities. Alan is widely regarded as the father of modern computing and he saw IT as a tool for solving immense challenges. He also had a passion for helping others: he funded one member of his foster family to work in Africa and sponsored a Jewish refugee’s schooling during World War II.

In honour of Alan Turing’s altruistic spirit, we refurbish IT equipment, install a range of educational software and provide it to those who need it most. In our first 10 years we have enabled access to computers for over 55,000 students across Africa. With your help and a great deal of hard work, we believe that one day every child will be able to enjoy the transformative power of technology that Alan envisioned.


James Turing, Founder of the Turing Trust.


About Boss Digital

Boss Digital are a leading digital agency specialising in legal and professional services, that deliver ambitious brand strategies whilst keeping a constant focus on ROI. We recognise that while our clients value our creativity, passion and commitment, ultimately they are paying us for one thing – results. That’s why, whether we’re delivering content strategies, social media marketing or SEO, we measure its success the same way our clients will – in pounds and pence.

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