At the heart of almost every content strategy is a blog. It may not be called a blog, in fact often it will be separated into a standalone sub-brand, but having a home for your content on a domain or sub domain that you own is essential to almost every content strategy:

  • It’s one of only a small number of assets you actually own – many brands place their content emphasis almost entirely on social media, but the danger is that you don’t own those platforms, so if Facebook increase their advertising costs to unviable levels or Twitter disappears, your investment of time and money has come to nothing. Your blog and all the content on it, on the other hand, is 100% yours.
  • It aids SEO – Google wants to provide the best content from the most trusted brands. By having a blog that’s well produced and structured you not only increase the range of keywords for which your site can be found, but you can improve the engagement, link and brand signals to Google that determine your rankings
  • It provides content for all other channels – one of the golden rules of content marketing is to create once, distribute everywhere. Each blog post forms the basis of content that can then be reshaped for all social channels and email. This ensures efficiency and consistency in messaging.


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