Brand Positioning

Many brands that we work with face the challenge of trying to enter new markets or communicate more effectively within existing markets. Much of this comes down to the brand’s positioning. It’s imperitive that at no point is the brand promise or the core elements surrounding it compromised. However, it is possible to ‘flex’ the brand in order to speak to particular markets/audiences more effectively. This is a process of identifying those elements of the brand that need highlighting, whilst slightly overlooking (but never contradicting) those elements that are unimportant to the audience in question.


Ultimately, however, it’s essential that there are common themes tying together each of your target markets and that these themes are aligned to your central brand promise.


Other important elements of our brand development process include:

  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality
  • Organisational values
  • Visual identity
  • Brand as product
  • Brand positioning