As vague and abstract as it may sound, your brand promise is arguably the most permanent component of your organisation.

Unlike just about everything else, this is the one thing that cannot change or be repositioned. It is the absolute core of your brand and your business, and with every year that passes it must become stronger and stronger in the minds of your audience.

If it is not already clearly defined, then your brand promise should be established at the end of the research phase into your:




The Broader Market

However, it’s important to recognise that the only one of those that you have complete control over is your business, and so it can be unwise to develop your brand promise based on transient trends in the market or broader political and economic environment.

Ultimately your brand promise should sit at the intersection of the following three simple truths:

You must be genuinely passionate about it.

You must have reason to believe that not only does your audience value it today, but will always value it.

You must have the confidence that you can always be better than the competition at delivering it. Not slightly better, but in a completely different league.

The next step is to articulate it in a way that is short, clear, different and memorable, after which your entire organisation must live and breath by it. It must be built into the very fabric of your organisation, from recruitment processes to pay reviews.

Of course this brand promise also shapes the rest of your brand identity, which can be broken down into:




Value Proposition & Credibility


Brand Positioning


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    The first step is to perform in depth research into your business, target audience and competitors to develop a complete strategy for your brand and content, along with all paid and organic channels.

    If required, we will then use our research to propose a complete brand identity, including your brand core, product features, organisational values and visual identity.

    Before starting any content development, it’s essential that the technical foundations are in place, including domain health, site speed and mobile compatibility.

    In order to differentiate the brand we need a number of big ideas to spearhead the content activity, driven by influencer engagement. There must also be a clear content framework that defines the subject and format of content within the monthly calendar.

    once the content strategy is defined we need to be clear on the role and objective of each channel, including the search engines, email, blogging and social media sites.

    Alongside the brand strategy there should be a targeted advertising campaign focused on lead generation within an agreed CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Common channels for a CPA campaign include PPC, remarketing and social direct response.

    We believe in rapid iteration and that requires regular analysis and reporting focused on a small number of key performance indicators, with the primary emphasis always on sales.