One of the most important and eye-catching aspects of any brand is the visual palette used to promote the brand. In some cases, visuals can become so well regarded, they are treated as iconic and people can differentiate brands based on colouration alone. Resultantly, it is essential for any business to ensure their brand visuals convey both their message and values in a clear, professional and outstanding manner.

Moreover, it’s important to recognise that every aspect of your brand, be it audio, text, video or visuals should all convey the same message and it should be treated as a long-term project in order to establish a clear identity in the longer term, which can help dictate both the appearance and the style of the company branding and direction. Brand Visuals play a crucial part in differentiating you from your competitors and should therefore be treated with the attention necessary to ensure a favourable outcome.

Boss Digital have worked with a number of companies in both the Business to Consumer and Business to Business departments in order to revolutionise brand visuals to ensure they are appropriate to the company’s mission statement and values.

We can work with you to establish the message you want your visual to convey and suggest the best possible mediums, designs and colours in order to effectively get the message across. Once we’ve ascertained this information, we’ll develop multiple examples of potential brand visuals for you to examine, evaluate and feedback upon, before choosing which option you want to take ahead.

If you want to make any changes to our designs, our team will be happy to discuss the alterations and work efficiently to ensure you get the best solution as quickly as possible. If you want to be able to use the branding yourself to quickly create documents or information in line with your company image, the Boss Digital team can also create generic templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel that can be shared with you.

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    The first step is to perform in depth research into your business, target audience and competitors to develop a complete strategy for your brand and content, along with all paid and organic channels.

    If required, we will then use our research to propose a complete brand identity, including your brand core, product features, organisational values and visual identity.

    Before starting any content development, it’s essential that the technical foundations are in place, including domain health, site speed and mobile compatibility.

    In order to differentiate the brand we need a number of big ideas to spearhead the content activity, driven by influencer engagement. There must also be a clear content framework that defines the subject and format of content within the monthly calendar.

    once the content strategy is defined we need to be clear on the role and objective of each channel, including the search engines, email, blogging and social media sites.

    Alongside the brand strategy there should be a targeted advertising campaign focused on lead generation within an agreed CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Common channels for a CPA campaign include PPC, remarketing and social direct response.

    We believe in rapid iteration and that requires regular analysis and reporting focused on a small number of key performance indicators, with the primary emphasis always on sales.