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Content pillars form the backbone behind every successful marketing campaign and are an efficient way to ensure that your brand produces content that appeals to the right buyer, in the best way, in the correct moment. 

The Benefits of Content Pillars

By using content pillars, you can ensure that your channels will be refreshed with new resources and posts to appeal to various different target audiences, through blogs, social media posts, edited images and infographics, video clips or interviews and landing pages. You’ll also create an industry-standard factual piece of data that can be used for longer-term strategic planning and direction.

Showcase Expertise

Content pillars allow brands to demonstrate their expertise and authority on specific subjects. By providing comprehensive and valuable information, your brand can position themselves as industry thought leaders, earning trust and credibility among your target audience.

Increased Engagement

Detailed content pillars cater to the interests and needs of a specific audience segment. As readers find valuable insights, they are more likely to engage with the content, leading to longer session durations, increased social sharing, and higher chances of repeat visits.

Repurposing Opportunities

Content pillars serve as a treasure trove of information that can be repurposed into various marketing resources. You can extract key points and statistics to create bite-sized social media posts, infographics, or even shorter blog articles, maximising the reach and impact of your content pillars.

SEO Benefits

In-depth content pillars tend to rank well in search engines for specific long-tail keywords and niche topics. By addressing less competitive but highly relevant search queries, you can attract targeted organic traffic and improve your overall search engine visibility.

Stronger Content Strategy

Content pillars provide a solid foundation for your brand's content strategy. By aligning content creation efforts with these focused topics, you can ensure consistency, eliminate content gaps, and deliver a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.

Key Considerations for Content Pillars

Many organisations encounter a variety of issues when trying to establish content pillars. Which audience are you appealing to? What is the most compelling topic at this moment in time? How can you ensure that this content does not go ‘stale’ quickly and remains relevant? We’ll help you through the following steps to ensure your content pillars are of the highest quality:

Discussion and Analysis

We have worked with many organisations to help establish marketing campaigns centred around content pillars. Through discussion and analysis, we’ll help you to find the true key topic that is affecting your industry, sector or audience and then map out the most appropriate medium (white-paper, e-book, analytics report) to get your main message across.


After researching, gathering primary evidence and compiling data, we’ll work with you to draft and re-draft your content until it is of the best possible standard. 

Content Delivery

Next, our team will establish the most effective mediums to spread your message and begin to plan how your content can be ‘recycled’ in the future to create easily digestible pieces for your different target audiences.


Frequently Asked Questions about Content Pillars

Conduct thorough audience research to identify topics that resonate with your target audience. Align your content pillars with your brand’s strengths and unique selling propositions to ensure relevance.

Content pillars are often comprehensive and in-depth pieces, such as long-form articles, whitepapers, guides, or video series. Any format that allows for in-depth exploration of a topic can work as a content pillar.

Yes, content pillars can be updated with new information or repurposed into smaller marketing materials like blog posts, social media snippets, infographics, and more.

In-depth content pillars often target long-tail keywords, making them more likely to rank well in search engines. Their high-quality nature attracts backlinks and improves overall website authority.

Content pillars are not created as frequently as regular blog posts. They serve as foundational pieces and can be updated periodically. Aim to create new content pillars when there’s a significant need to cover an essential topic or when your industry experiences significant changes.

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The fundamentals of great Marketing

No matter what sector you’re in, we believe that the fundamentals of great marketing never change


From your website user experience to the user imagery within your social media, brand is every moment of every interaction with your business. Defining who you are.


Get your content right, and the channels will all but take care of themselves. It is not enough for content to be superficially on-brand, but rather it must drive the brand’s vision, no matter how ambitious.


It’s no coincidence that the best B2B marketers are endlessly curious individuals who understand the value of research. I’s where every great strategy begins.


There is no better way of capturing incredible B2B or professional service content whilst simultaneously raising awareness and growing credibility, than by engaging with the top 1% of your target market; the influencers.


From SEO to email marketing and webinars to social media, your content needs to be distributed across all the relevant channels as you develop brand into a serious digital asset. Meanwhile, a paid lead generation strategy that limits cost per acquisition (CPA) may also be required, depending on short term targets.


In order to avoid “analysis paralysis”, a small number of headline metrics at both brand and commercial levels should be agreed upon, along with the frequency of updates. We typically find that weekly mini-reports ensure constant momentum without disrupting day to day activity.

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