SEO in Maidenhead

SEO in Maidenhead

Our main offices are located in the heart of Maidenhead and we work with a number of businesses in and around the area. Our SEO isn’t limited to a local market, whether you’re looking for a national campaign or a campaign specific to Maidenhead then we can help.

But thanks for making a local search to find us, we hope that our approach to SEO stands out from the more questionable short-term tactics that you might be used to.

Rankings We’ve Achieved

  • Mobile Insurance – #1
  • Industrial Shutters – #1
  • Phone Insurance – #1
  • Baby Names – #1
  • Roller Garage Doors – #1
  • Used Trucks – #1
  • Hiking Holidays – #1
  • Printed Tea Towels – #1
  • PPC Management – #1
  • Cakes – #4
  • Pregnancy – #1
  • Brochure Design – #2
  • Industrial Flooring – #1
  • Tea Towels – #2

And thousands more in short and long tail terms…

These are just some of the places we’ve had our clients featured over the last 12 months. It’s links from these kind of huge authorities that really set our SEO campaigns apart:

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How Does Google/Bing Rank a Website?

A search engine’s primary goal is to return the most relevant results. Relevance is based on two things; the content of page and what other people think of that content (based on links).

At Inbound we focus on what is called ‘user intent’; if a user searches for a keyword, we make sure that your site provides the right type of content for all possible intentions of that keyword search.

Let’s take your search as an example, you’ve asked Google to find SEO in Maidenhead or something to that effect; we’ve provided information about our Maidenhead offices, a local map and talked specifically about the area. And that goes a long way to helping us rank for the term. But this is just one aspect of our SEO.

SEO and Brand Development

When SEO is done well, your website becomes an asset to your business; Google and Bing will treat your current and future content with authority and your site will convert more cost-effectively than ever.

At Inbound we use a multi-channel approach to SEO. To succeed in search, Google and co need to understand that your website reflects a strong brand and developing a strong brand is where Inbound comes in.

How Does Inbound Develop a Brand?

    • Content Development

Not only to identify and satisfy user intent, but also to create valuable content that people share and link to.

    • Link Solicitation

We’ll promote your content and find genuine, authoritative links.

    • Social Media

Sharing content and engaging your audience with a blog is a great way to tell Google how awesome your brand is!

    • User Experience

Engaging with a brand is not easy if the user experience sucks, we make sure it doesn’t through the use of functionality and applied best practices.

    • Conversion Rate Optimisation

The ultimate goal of everything we do – we analyse and test improvements to your website’s sales process.


What’s your approach to reporting?

Whilst we can provide detailed monthly reports, we prefer to give weekly updates on the two or three most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) along with what these mean and what we’ll be focusing on as a result. We find this far more active/dynamic approach enables us to progress much faster.

Do you enforce contracts?

Due to the significant overheads attached to each campaign, we request a three month notice period if the campaign is brought to an end. However, this is not enforced for the first six months so that you understand exactly how we work and the kind of results we achieve.

Will there be one point of contact?

You will have one primary point of contact but we like each member of our team to have direct client contact as they are best placed to discuss the details of their work. If you would rather it was all funnelled through one person, that’s not a problem!

Can you guarantee results?

Nobody can, but we do agree clear targets and then either smash them or die trying. We understand that results are everything, and expect you to judge our performance by the ROI it provides to your business.

Where are you based?

We’re in Maidenhead, just off the M40, M25 and M4. The office is based in the own centre with parking, and we’re about a 4 minute walk to the station which is on the Cross Rail line into central London. If you’re looking to work with a partner in Maidenhead and interested in generating more business online then please get in touch.

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