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With over 10 years of experience helping businesses transform their digital marketing, we have the knowledge and expertise to streamline your fashion brand’s online strategy.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring Google and the other major search engines give your brand the exposure it deserves each time someone makes a relevant search query.

SEO is a multi faceted strategy that requires a holistic approach. Be sure to consider the following when thinking about your website’s SEO:


A search engine’s primary goal is to return the most relevant results. Relevance is based on two things; the content of the page and what other people think of that content (based on links).

At BOSS Digital we focus on what is called ‘user intent’; if a user searches for a keyword, we make sure that your site provides the right type of content for all possible intentions of that keyword search.

Let’s take your search as an example, you’ve asked Google to find SEO in Maidenhead or something to that effect; we’ve provided information about our Maidenhead offices, a local map and talked specifically about the area. And that goes a long way to helping us rank for the term. But this is just one aspect of our SEO.


When SEO is done well, your website becomes an asset to your business; Google and Bing will treat your current and future content with authority and your site will convert more cost-effectively than ever.

At BOSS Digital we use a multi-channel approach to SEO. To succeed in search, Google and co need to understand that your website reflects a strong brand and developing a strong brand is where BOSS Digital comes in.


– CONTENT DEVELOPMENT – Not only to identify and satisfy user intent, but also to create valuable content that people share and link to.

– LINK SOLICITATION – We’ll promote your content and find genuine, authoritative links.

– SOCIAL MEDIA – Sharing content and engaging your audience with a blog is a great way to tell Google how awesome your brand is!

– USER EXPERIENCE – Engaging with a brand is not easy if the user experience sucks, we make sure it doesn’t through the use of functionality and applied best practices.

– CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION – The ultimate goal of everything we do – we analyse and test improvements to your website’s sales process.


Frequently Asked Questions about our SEO Services

Whilst we can provide detailed monthly reports, we prefer to give weekly updates on the two or three most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) along with what these mean and what we’ll be focusing on as a result. We find this far more active/dynamic approach enables us to progress much faster.

Due to the significant overheads attached to each campaign, we request a three month notice period if the campaign is brought to an end. However, this is not enforced for the first six months so that you understand exactly how we work and the kind of results we achieve.

You will have one primary point of contact but we like each member of our team to have direct client contact as they are best placed to discuss the details of their work. If you would rather all communication is all funneled through one person, we can arrange that too!

Nobody can, but we do agree clear targets and then either smash them or die trying. We understand that results are everything, and expect you to judge our performance by the ROI it provides to your business.

SEO results vary based on factors such as keyword competitiveness and website authority. Generally, it may take several weeks to months to see significant improvements in rankings and traffic. It’s important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent efforts to see the best results.

On-page SEO involves optimising individual web pages to improve their search engine rankings. This is done by optimising meta tags, headings, content, and internal links to make the page more relevant and user-friendly.

Off-page SEO refers to activities outside your website that aim to improve its authority and reputation. This includes link building, social media engagement, and online mentions to increase your site’s credibility and visibility in search engines.

Technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of your website to enhance its crawlability and indexability by search engines. It includes tasks like optimising site speed, fixing broken links, implementing structured data, and creating XML sitemaps.

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