We work with a number of businesses in the Reading area and our presence there makes local meetings convenient. But search engine optimisation isn’t limited to a local marketing; whether you’re looking for a Reading-focused campaign or a broader national route to market, Inbound can help.

Modern SEO Strategy

Search engines are dynamic; every day Google will test and update its algorithm – often multiple times – and keeping up with the latest search engine trends is important for a successful SEO campaign. For this reason, we put a great deal of attention on future proofing our delivery methods so that we minimise the risk of any single update causing a problem.

Modern SEO comes in many forms, but one example we can look at is something called user intent. Take this Birmingham SEO page as an example; you would have found us by making a Reading related query for search engine optimisation. One key factor for us being found for your given search term is that the content on this page caters to all types of user intent. By this we mean that the page ensures that you have found exactly what you want. We’ve got a map of the local Reading area, content relevant to Birmingham, and local client testimonials along with links to other related pages. But content development is just one aspect of our Inbound approach.

Rankings we've achieved

Mobile Insurance – #1

Baby Names – #1

Hiking Holidays – #1

Cakes – #4

Industrial Flooring – #1

Pregnancy – #1

Roller Garage Doors – #1

Tea Towels – #2

Printed Tea Towels – #1

Industrial Shutters – #1

PPC Management – #1

Brochure Design – #2

Used Trucks – #1

Phone Insurance – #1

Here are some of the places our clients have been featured

The BOSS Digital Approach: SEO and Brand Development

Search engine optimisation is no longer a single channel approach; at BOSS Digital we use multiple channels to send the right brand signals to Google and Co. SEO can be referred to as brand development, and therefore to succeed in search we need to look at:

Content Development

Brand development begins with a solid foundation, and content forms a big part of this. Great content drives SEO success as it feeds all of the other inbound marketing channels. Great content is shared, linked to, cited and engaged with; and this tells Google that you’re a leading brand in the industry.

Social Media

Increasingly Google is looking at social signals when judging the authority of a brand. Activity on Google+, Facebook and Twitter amongst others will help you succeed in earning traffic through search. And as with all inbound channels there is an overlap; a social brand will not only benefit in search, but it will reap the rewards of a more loyal customer base and a higher conversion rate.

Link Authority

While earning links is becoming less powerful for SEO, link building is still an essential part of the process as it tells Google that people recommend your content. However the source of those links must be legitimate and where a lot of other SEO companies fall down is their inability to earn these links. We focus our time on earning links that other agencies simply wouldn’t be able to get.

Engagement and User Experience

Crucial to the conversion process but also to SEO; engaging a user with great functionality and interesting/useful content will improve important ranking metrics. Google will favour your website if it can see that users are returning multiple times and engaging with your brand. Engagement is becoming more important as Google’s algorithm gets better at interpreting the web.


Generating sales from SEO is the end goal; traffic that does not convert is not worth having! We ensure that goals are decided before starting a campaign and these goals could include non-monetary ones such as email capture or social growth. We focus a considerable amount of time on conversion rate optimisation and we report on these metrics every month.


There are two differences. The first is our emphasis on brand. The very first step we take is to ensure there is a clear brand identity and that all of our activity falls within that framework.

The second is our emphasis on results. We’re not talking about rankings, we’re talking about real business results, whether that’s online enquiries, telephone calls or ecommerce sales. We report on these headline metrics every single week along with our next immediate actions.

Then you should cancel, otherwise why are you with us? This is why we don’t enforce any contracts for the first 6 months as we recognise that until we are delivering a tangible ROI to your business you should be able to let us go whenever you choose.

The first couple of months will tend to focus on market research, brand strategy and website audits/edits. From that point the monthly activity will be determined by the strategy, but is likely to involve a great deal of high quality content marketing, social media and influencer marketing, both to attract quality links and to extend the reach of the brand.

You will typically here from us two or three times a week and we like to keep most of that over the phone to ensure things move as quickly as possible. Building an awesome brand online is a substantial task and regular communication is absolutely critical.

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    The first step is to perform in depth research into your business, target audience and competitors to develop a complete strategy for your brand and content, along with all paid and organic channels.

    If required, we will then use our research to propose a complete brand identity, including your brand core, product features, organisational values and visual identity.

    Before starting any content development, it’s essential that the technical foundations are in place, including domain health, site speed and mobile compatibility.

    In order to differentiate the brand we need a number of big ideas to spearhead the content activity, driven by influencer engagement. There must also be a clear content framework that defines the subject and format of content within the monthly calendar.

    once the content strategy is defined we need to be clear on the role and objective of each channel, including the search engines, email, blogging and social media sites.

    Alongside the brand strategy there should be a targeted advertising campaign focused on lead generation within an agreed CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Common channels for a CPA campaign include PPC, remarketing and social direct response.

    We believe in rapid iteration and that requires regular analysis and reporting focused on a small number of key performance indicators, with the primary emphasis always on sales.