Site Speed

Website speed is something that tends to be an afterthought as designers and developers prioritise aesthetics and functionality, but this is one of the the most critical considerations for web design in 2017:

  • Usability – the speed of a site has an enormous impact on the users experience and the likelihoodod that they will convert. A slow website will inevitably lead to less engagement and reduced conversions.
  • SEO – whilst Google are reluctant to specify any direct causal link between site speed and rankings, there is no question that Google want to rank websites that offer the best user experience and therefore slow loading pages are only likely to damage your organic search traffic.
  • Mobile – both of the above factors are amplified when considering mobile. Large pages with hi-resolution imagery and lots of code are a particular nuisance to people browsing on mobile, and you can be sure that this negative impact on engagement is only going to damage your rankings in the search engines.


This is why we begin with a complete audit of each website to ensure there is a strong hosting prover, images are optimised, compression is enabled and various other measures are taken to speed up load time.