In order to deliver effectively on your long-term marketing objectives and goals,you need to have identified and actioned key targets that can become core performance metrics for your day-to-day operations. 

The Benefits of targets

Far too often businesses neglect targets as being a non-essential activity and do not refer and reflect back on them until year end procedures and performance reviews are conducted, at which point it is impossible to change business course to try and hit under-performing targets. Having well-defined targets is essential for success.

Clear Direction for Marketing Efforts

Setting targets provides you with a roadmap for your digital marketing campaigns. Having specific and measurable goals helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve, ensuring that your efforts are aligned with your overall marketing objectives.

Measurable Results and Performance Evaluation

Targets allow you to track the success of your campaigns quantitatively. By analysing key performance indicators (KPIs) against the set targets, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)

With well-defined targets, you can optimise your budget allocation and marketing resources efficiently. By concentrating your efforts on activities that drive results towards your targets, you can maximise the ROI and ensure your marketing spending is justified.

Increased Accountability and Motivation

Having clear targets fosters a sense of responsibility within your digital marketing team. It encourages you and your team to take ownership of your tasks and motivates everyone to work collectively towards achieving the set objectives, resulting in higher productivity and improved outcomes.


Adaptability and Flexibility

Targets allow you to adapt your digital marketing strategies in real-time. If you notice that you are not meeting your targets, you can make necessary adjustments, pivot your approach, and experiment with different tactics to find what works best to achieve the desired results.

Key Considerations for Targets

Businesses can often forgo setting appropriate targets due to the fear of failure. When this happens, companies are often stunted and unable to establish a clear plan for growth through marketing and sales activity and it is difficult to trace accountability if there are any issues. Marketing targets should be viewed in a positive manner as a goal for the business to achieve and success should be celebrated when these outcomes are met. On the other hand, struggling business performance should be viewed with a critical, rather than negative perception.

Clear Objectives and Constant communication

In order to help you set appropriate business development targets, we have a clearly defined procedure to establish these metrics. By focusing on the business case, we’ll outline your plan to achieve your marketing objectives and help to create relevant benchmarks to help monitor these targets. The process is also grounded in constant communication with our clients to ensure that performance is tracked and regular updates are made to key stakeholders.

SMART Criteria

All of our targets fulfil the SMART criteria – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Constrained, but we are happy to adapt specific targets if necessary, to give a greater chance of a successful outcome. Our team members will also attend weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings or reviews if required to update on marketing and sales targets and assess if any changes need to be made i.e. re-allocation of budget in order to ensure maximum benefit is achieved for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions about Targets

Regularly review your targets to assess your progress. Quarterly or monthly reviews are common, but it depends on your campaign duration and the pace of your industry.

Having clear targets allows you to allocate your marketing budget to activities that align with your goals, helping you optimise spending and improve overall ROI.

Use analytics tools and marketing software to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with your targets. Regularly review the data and make data-driven decisions.

Yes, you can adjust your targets if necessary. Sometimes, unexpected factors may arise that require a shift in focus. Just ensure any changes are based on data-driven insights and align with your overall marketing objectives.

Yes, having specific targets for different channels is common. Each platform serves a different purpose, so tailor your goals accordingly. For example, you may set targets for email marketing, social media, and search engine advertising separately.

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The fundamentals of great Marketing

No matter what sector you’re in, we believe that the fundamentals of great marketing never change


From your website user experience to the user imagery within your social media, brand is every moment of every interaction with your business. Defining who you are.


Get your content right, and the channels will all but take care of themselves. It is not enough for content to be superficially on-brand, but rather it must drive the brand’s vision, no matter how ambitious.


It’s no coincidence that the best B2B marketers are endlessly curious individuals who understand the value of research. I’s where every great strategy begins.


There is no better way of capturing incredible B2B or professional service content whilst simultaneously raising awareness and growing credibility, than by engaging with the top 1% of your target market; the influencers.


From SEO to email marketing and webinars to social media, your content needs to be distributed across all the relevant channels as you develop brand into a serious digital asset. Meanwhile, a paid lead generation strategy that limits cost per acquisition (CPA) may also be required, depending on short term targets.


In order to avoid “analysis paralysis”, a small number of headline metrics at both brand and commercial levels should be agreed upon, along with the frequency of updates. We typically find that weekly mini-reports ensure constant momentum without disrupting day to day activity.

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