Visual identity

Visual elements can be used strategically to create a consistent and memorable brand image that resonates with your target audience and supports your brand’s overall marketing efforts.

The Benefits of visual identity

Visual identity is a crucial aspect of your brand’s overall marketing strategy. It encompasses the visual elements that represent your brand’s personality, values, and offerings to create a recognisable and memorable brand presence for your audience. Visual identity plays a significant role in shaping how your brand is perceived across various online channels.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

A strong visual identity ensures that your brand's logo, colours, and design elements are consistently used across all marketing materials. This makes your brand easily recognisable, helping consumers instantly associate visual cues with your products or services.

Credibility and Trust

A professional and cohesive visual identity establishes trust with your audience. When your brand looks polished and consistent, customers are more likely to perceive you as reliable and credible.

Memorable Brand Experience

Consistency in visual elements creates a memorable brand experience. When customers encounter your brand multiple times across different platforms, they form a strong mental connection, leading to better brand recall and increased chances of repeat business.

Effective Storytelling

Visual elements provide a powerful means of storytelling. By using imagery, graphics, and design, you can convey your brand's values, mission, and unique story in a way that resonates emotionally with your audience, making your brand more relatable.

Competitive Advantage

A distinct and well-defined visual identity sets you apart from competitors. When your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace, you create a competitive advantage, attracting more attention and potential customers to your products or services.

Key Considerations for visual identity

Once the rest of your brand’s identity has been defined, the final step is to determine how this needs to be represented visually. You’ll want to consider the following when putting together your brand’s visual guidelines:


The challenge of selecting the right typeface is often hugely underestimated. Not only does it need to be highly legible across all devices and offline collateral, but also needs to communicate the brand’s values and personality.

Colour Palette

Your choice of colours speak profoundly different things about your brand. It’s essential that your colour palette not only distinguishes you visually, but also reinforces your strategic positioning. These colours then need to be used consistently across all content and channels.

Brand Imagery

The choice of imagery used to illustrate your users is one of your biggest decisions. Do you want it to reflect your audience accurately or should it be a more aspirational version? We also need to decide on your usage imagery; the imagery that shows your product or service being consumed.


Once all the components above are in place we can then look at the logo, which must achieve the remarkably taxing job of being both simple and striking, whilst communicating all the key messages of the brand.


Frequently Asked Questions about Visual Identity

Yes, you can update your visual identity to stay relevant and fresh, but it’s essential to do so strategically and ensure a smooth transition to avoid confusing your audience.

A strong visual identity reinforces your marketing messages, increases brand recall, and makes your campaigns more effective in connecting with your target audience.

Yes, a well-crafted visual identity can make your brand more appealing, leading to increased customer interest, engagement, and potential customer acquisition.

Yes, maintaining consistency across all platforms, including websites, social media, and physical materials, ensures a unified and recognisable brand presence.

Yes, aligning your visual identity with your brand’s values creates authenticity, reinforcing your brand’s message and making it more relatable to your target audience.

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The fundamentals of great Marketing

No matter what sector you’re in, we believe that the fundamentals of great marketing never change


From your website user experience to the user imagery within your social media, brand is every moment of every interaction with your business. Defining who you are.


Get your content right, and the channels will all but take care of themselves. It is not enough for content to be superficially on-brand, but rather it must drive the brand’s vision, no matter how ambitious.


It’s no coincidence that the best B2B marketers are endlessly curious individuals who understand the value of research. I’s where every great strategy begins.


There is no better way of capturing incredible B2B or professional service content whilst simultaneously raising awareness and growing credibility, than by engaging with the top 1% of your target market; the influencers.


From SEO to email marketing and webinars to social media, your content needs to be distributed across all the relevant channels as you develop brand into a serious digital asset. Meanwhile, a paid lead generation strategy that limits cost per acquisition (CPA) may also be required, depending on short term targets.


In order to avoid “analysis paralysis”, a small number of headline metrics at both brand and commercial levels should be agreed upon, along with the frequency of updates. We typically find that weekly mini-reports ensure constant momentum without disrupting day to day activity.

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