Visual Identity

Visual identity:


Once the rest of the brand identity is complete, the final step is to determine how this needs to represented visually:

  • Type face – the challenge of selecting the right type face is often hugely underestimated. Not only does it need to be highly legible across all devices and offline collaterol, but also needs to communicate the brand’s values and personality.
  • Colour palette – your choice of colours speak profoundly different things about your brand. It’s essential that your colour palette not only distinguishes you visually, but also reinforces your strategic positioning. These colours then need to be used consistently across all content and channels.
  • Brand imagery – the choice of imagery used to illustrate your users is one of your biggest decisions. Do you want it to reflect your audience accurately or should it be a more aspirational version? We also need to decide on your usage imagery; the imagery that shows your product or service being consumed.
  • Logo – once all the components above are in place we can then look at the logo, which must achieve the remarkably taxing job of being both simple and striking, whilst communicating all the key messages of the brand.



Other important elements of our brand development process include:

  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality
  • Organisational values
  • Brand as product
  • Value proposition and credibility
  • Brand positioning