Boss Digital is an experienced digital marketing agency that offers a wide variety of bespoke services for ambitious construction companies that want to transform their social media presence. We provide high-quality content promoted to the most relevant target audiences. Our digital strategies are methodically constructed and personalised to create the best social media for construction companies.

When you work with Boss, you have your own internal team of data analysts, copywriters, designers, developers and more, with no overhead and a fraction of the costs. We take complete ownership of your marketing and push to help you unlock new levels of engagement and responses.

Above all, we understand that the impact of everything we do needs to be measured in pounds and pence. This is about results. Enquire today for more information.

Construction companies are constantly in search of new leads and their next big project. There’s no better way to spread brand awareness and improve your business’ credibility than social media. Social media for construction companies is an often overlooked channel. In a crowd of competitors that seem interchangeable, social media is an exciting opportunity to differentiate your brand and cut through the clutter. 

The Boss Digital social media for construction companies strategy is a bespoke solution to help your business optimise all its social media channels. Our dedicated team of digital marketing specialists work closely with you to target the most effective platforms. With a strong strategy in place, we provide quality, engaging content with detailed content calendars to build brand awareness, identity and credibility across every channel. We’re experts at transforming client’s channels into thriving communities with tonnes of organic engagement.

The digital landscape can seem like an insurmountable beast at times. With so many platforms to choose from, how do you decide where to target your content? Luckily, we’ve got a breakdown of some of the best social media for construction companies.

The reigning champion of social media – Facebook is a hub for any business that wants to leave its mark on the digital world. Building a Facebook presence is likely to be the first step for any construction company. It has a huge community of active users that are waiting to engage with your content. With specialised advertising platforms and the ability to post a wide range of multimedia content including videos, images, links, blogs and live streams, you can be assured that your construction page can still resonate with a wider audience.

Instagram is the ultimate visual-based platform for businesses that want to flex their aesthetic flare. What’s more, it’s easy to build up strong connections with your followers on Instagram and encourage them to engage in your content – whether it’s displaying finished projects, customer success stories or more light-hearted content. It’s a unique option on social media for construction companies as a result.

Twitter is a great way to start conversations with short, insightful snippets of content. Have any strong thoughts on construction trends? Well, Twitter is the place to voice them. It’s a great way to build a community of like-minded users that respond to your content. A well-timed tweet that hits onto trends and gets picked up by a trending hashtag is a great way to boost your presence and build a following. Ultimately, you can open up an engaging and informative dialogue that resonates with business professionals and the wider mainstream media, leading to more engagement and credibility for your brand.

You’ve most likely heard of influencer marketing in a B2C space with discount codes and free products to sample. Well, influencer marketing is just as impactful in a B2B space. Using influencers can lend a huge amount of credibility to your brand and expand your reach to a whole new audience of potential leads. Influencer marketing also includes collaboration with charities that you feel are important to your business’ core values and industry. Boss can make the connections between you and the right influencers to help boost your business, regardless of size or stature, that can help give your social media for construction companies strategy all the extra credibility it needs.

Whilst direct response campaigns are available on almost every social media platform, they’re most effective on LinkedIn or Facebook. We target these platforms with an emphasis to capture your core audience’s interest and encourage them to engage with content-rich landing pages on your website. This method provides access to a large number of qualified marketing leads at a comparatively lower cost compared to other channels. Direct response campaigns are a fantastic way for social media for construction companies to develop a high return on investment.

Over everything else, the most important factor of your social media marketing is the results. When you’re investing profits into your brand’s digital marketing, you need to be reassured that every penny you’ve put in is worth it. At Boss Digital, we pride ourselves on our results-oriented focus on every part of our work. With weekly meetings, weekly update emails, a frequently updated dashboard with QSOs and KPIs, you’ll always be in the loop and fully informed

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