Boss Digital work with ambitious law firms and other professional service companies seeking to grow their brand awareness and generate opportunities via digital channels such as social media.

Almost all law firms now have a degree of presence on social media and for good reason. Not only does it enable the firm to communicate its culture and brand personality in a transparent and authentic way, but can be a key channel for driving direct leads. Social media is also now playing a significant role in helping firms recruiting the best talent, a key strategic battleground in the legal market.

Boss Digital have extensive experience in delivering social media training for the legal market, as well as delivering broader content and influencer strategies for a number of particularly ambitious firms. If you’d like to learn how social media could be used more effectively for your firm, contact us today.

Social media carries a number of important benefits for law firms:

  • Brand awareness and content promotion – with law firms generating more content than ever, social media represents the principal medium for promoting that content and extending the reach of the brand. Even a small spend of £10-20 can be the difference between almost nobody reading your latest blog article, and it being received by hundreds, even thousands, of your target audience.
  • Lead generation – increasingly law firms, particularly those targeting businesses, are using social media to capture data from their audience with a view to then nurturing it via email and telephone. LinkedIn is particularly powerful for this kind of B2B targeting.
  • Growing your email list – as powerful as social media is, one shortcoming is the fact that you don’t own those platforms. A key metric therefore for your social activity should be its ability to grow the email database of your firm; an asset that belongs to you and over which you have complete control.
  • Recruitment – for some law firms, recruitment is the number one consideration for their social channels, particularly platforms like Instagram that are highly visual and fantastic at throwing the door to the organisation open, revealing the culture within.

Whether it is highlighting business successes, advertising legal services or generally promoting the business, law firms need to not neglect the influence and power of social media.

Although certain platforms are declining in popularity, social media for law firms should revolve around the most appropriate and widely-used platforms to engage with audiences on different levels, to help differentiate their legal services.

Every campaign we deliver is bespoke and built to the exact requirements of the law firm in question, but typically a campaign will include:

  • Creation of an overarching content strategy
  • Monthly social media calendars
  • Influencer engagement tactics, such as interviews
  • Media planning for each social channel
  • Scheduling and promotion
  • Data analytics and reporting

The most common platforms for law firms to use include:

  • Facebook – this offers the broadest audience along with an extremely targeted ad platform. For both recruitment and brand engagement, it’s probably the number 1 social channel in the legal market.
  • LinkedIn – if your firm has a major focus on the corporate market, LinkedIn is a high priority and probably offers the greatest potential for direct lead generation and data capture.
  • Instagram – ideal for showcasing your firm’s talent and culture, Instagram is social media at its most visual.
  • Twitter – great for press engagement and building personal brands within your team, Twitter suits those brands and individuals that always have something to say regarding current events.

Law firms don’t have ‘celebrity’ influencers or endorsements in the traditional sense, but for some firms, a prominent voice on social media can add a really powerful dimension to their content strategy. Whether it is a particularly knowledgeable and connected individual, or a specialist in a legal field, having an appropriate influencer can add enormous levels of credibility to your law firm. Now only will it reinforce and elevate your brand, it will also extend your reach as their audience is the one you want to get in front of! Furthermore, the content you capture from this kind of influencer engagement is by definition the greatest content you could ever hope for, as the whole point is these people are thought leaders within the subject in question!

Most commonly achieved using LinkedIn’s InMail feature, direct response campaigns can drive targeted traffic towards key landing pages and help you capture customer details through lead generation forms. Due to the specificity of the targeting, and the focused nature of the content, it’s easy to generate large numbers of leads at a comparatively lower cost compared to Google Advertising.

Social media for law firms can be profitable, when used in the right way, as you can also identify potential clients through direct response and invite them to engage in further content such as webinars, or email newsletters.

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