Since 2010, Boss Digital have been working with recruitment companies and other professional service firms to grow their brand reach and lead generation via social media and other digital channels.

Increasingly, recruitment companies are realising that social media plays a key role not only candidate engagement but also direct customer acquisition, but too often there is no clear content strategy directing the activity and no agreed set of commercial metrics by which to report on performance.

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Recruitment companies were one of the early adopters of social media, quickly understanding the power of LinkedIn for both candidate engagement and prospect nurturing. However, few firms have taken their activity beyond that to anything more strategic.

The key with any social media campaign, regardless of sector, is to understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve and to work backwards. For example, if a recruitment agency wished to develop a greater reputation among CTO’s with a view to generate leads, that tells us a number of things:

  • We know we need a content framework that will engage CTO’s, which means we need to select our themes accordingly
  • We know we need to focus on the social channels where this audience is most active
  • We know that if we can engage with well respected CTO’s that will help us extend our reach among the rest of this audience
  • We know we want to take them through a particular journey that culminates in them giving us their data and permission to be contacted

With this information in mind, we can now begin to construct our strategy accordingly!

Every campaign is tailored to the individual requirements of the agency. We need to understand the goals at both a brand and commercial level so that we can plan our activity accordingly, but also need to understand the recruitment agency has internally as it may be that they’re well placed to execute a lot of the activity themselves. For example, if our social media plan is to involve a high level of influencer engagement, it may be that one of the recruiters is the best person to manage that outreach as it enables them to extend their strategic network. They may also have certain copy writing skills in-house, or even design. By taking this collaborative approach it means that we can stretch your resources as far as possible, resulting in an ambitious but financially viable campaign that produces real business results.


Traditionally, recruitment firms have been more used to using LinkedIn for the recruiter sub-platform to help them identify and engage with the best candidates for the roles they are looking to fill. However, far too many recruitment companies neglect to use LinkedIn to drive new business or to aid their brand positioning. By creating a compelling company page that highlights previous success stories while producing gated content that captures the data of prospects, they can transform their LinkedIn presence into a powerful lead generation tool.



Many recruitment companies assume that Facebook is of limited relevance as it’s a consumer platform, forgetting that business people are still regular people! Facebook not only houses the largest volume of users, but also provides the greatest level of targeting through its highly developed ad platform. Recruitment firms can use Facebook not only for candidate engagement but also for extending its brand reach and even driving direct customer acquisition through lead generation forms.



Instagram is the last placed most recruitment firms would consider focusing their budget, but that in itself is a great reason to consider it! By positioning yourself away from the competition whilst using the platform’s highly visual nature to really open the doors on the culture and personality of your brand, you can achieve a lot more than simply following the crowd!

Although it’s a cliché that no one likes direct contact, for recruitment companies, this can often be the most effective and quickest way to connect to clients and prospective employees. Through the LinkedIn InMail platform and other services, recruitment companies can directly speak to their target markets and establish their requirements, needs, wants and expectations and help them to match roles accordingly.

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