5 B2B Marketing Trends To Prepare For In 2023

taking notes new trends for 2023 - B2B marketing

With 2023 less than three months away, professionals across the business-to-business market are beginning to brush up on their knowledge and prepare for a whole new wave of trends. As a B2B marketer, you will likely be keen to get an insight into new marketing trends likely to emerge in 2023 and unlock tips to […]

In Need Of A Brand Refresh? 4 Signs Your B2B Branding Needs Updating

Group artists paining new portraits symbolising branding refresh

For some B2B businesses, the term ‘brand’ means nothing more than a logo and tagline – this could not be further from the truth. Your brand is what sets your organisation apart from the rest. It tells your customers who you are, what you do and why you do it (or at least it should). […]

One Backlink To Rule Them All: Determining The Value Of Backlinking

Rule Backlinking

It’s pretty well established that backlinking is one of the most fundamental parts of your SEO. Getting boosted up those Google rankings can be determined by so many moving variables, some with minor significance and some with pretty major significance. Backlinking definitely ends up on the major end of that scale. It’s not to say […]

The Simplest Piece Of Advice I’ve Ever Had From The Best Marketer I’ve Ever Known

Asking why - most valuable piece of marketing advice

 Transcript Great advice rarely sounds that remarkable when you first hear it. But somehow it stays with you. Recently I was chatting with a friend. He’s been one of the UK’s leading tech entrepreneurs since his early 20s with a number of outrageously high-growth businesses and somehow just manages to do it over and […]

Nailing the 96%

successful business - nailing the 96%

 Transcript Recently a business owner asked about the importance of logos for a company like his. He recognised the value for large consumer brands like Apple or Nike, but what about SMEs? Or companies in B2B? My answer was probably not what he expected. You see most people are aware that the logo is […]

3 Contradictions In Marketing That Aren’t Contradictions At All

3 Contradictions In Marketing Tha Aren’t Contradictions At All

 Transcript In a recent video I mentioned that I struggle with ambiguity and contradiction. The trouble is that marketing’s riddled with these things. Something that makes perfect sense in one context can be a disaster in another. So if you’re also in possession of a brain that insists on making sense of everything, understanding […]

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