We tend to create reports for people like ourselves – people who understand the intricacies of digital marketing and who care about it.

Actually we want to be creating reports for senior decision makers. These people are:

  • Not technical, at least not in the context of marketing, so it has to be kept simple.
  • Time poor, so it’s got to be concise.
  • Good at seeing through vanity metrics. They care about things that are strategic and add value to the bottom line

So creating reports around these three things is key.

So is how you distribute it. They won’t open pdf’s, so containing the information succinctly within the email body is key. Even better, send it via SMS, and do so every week so you maintain a certain pace and momentum.

By doing this these people will stop viewing marketing as something vague and abstract over in the corner, but something strategic and commercial that’s critical to their future success, and that’s exactly what you want.

See you next time.