About Boss

Having starting life in 2010 as a pure search agency, we’ve been on quite a journey. We’ve managed over 500 campaigns, achieved remarkable results, made a few mistakes, and built lifelong friendships with both clients and colleagues.

When you work this hard it’s worth remembering what it’s all for. Scroll down for a bit about our purpose and values.

Why We're here

First and foremost, we must be absolutely exceptional at the things clients pay us for. We must be 10/10 across our core competencies and deliver on our promises 365 days a year.

Secondly, we want to be a brilliant place to work. We have a big emphasis on flexibility, hybrid working and uncapped holiday. Our values shape everything we do. Most importantly, we place a massive emphasis on psychological safety, which is a fancy way of saying that we must all feel comfortable to take risks, be ourselves, and challenge one another. There is absolutely no room for politics, bullying or any of the other nonsense that gets in the way of brilliant people doing brilliant things. We don’t care how talented you are, if you bring other people down, you’re gone.

Finally, we want to make a difference. We know that as a small agency we’ll struggle to change the world on our own. That’s why every month we give our time for free to The Turing Trust. Their goal is that one day every child will be able to enjoy the transformative power of technology. By lending our marketing expertise to this goal, we know we really can make a difference.

our values

We’re a pretty eclectic bunch. These are the things that tie it all together.


We realise that clients aren’t paying for clever copy or beautiful design. They’re paying for results. We measure the value of everything we do in pounds and pence.


We believe communication is the solution to all problems. We never hide behind our computers or avoid difficult conversations, and always favour the telephone over email.

Leadership & Innovation

We don’t think leadership has anything to do with job title or experience. It is a state of mind. We expect every member of the team to initiate new ideas and take responsibility for the outcomes.


It's easy to raise your hand when you're on the winning team. But what about when things are going to sh*t and the client needs someone to step up, take responsibility and find a solution? That's when we'll see what you're all about.

kindness & humility

As seriously as we take our work, there is no point in turning up each day if we don’t enjoy ourselves. We work hard to create a culture of psychological safety, and always treat one another with respect and kindness. If we do ever take our bad day out on someone else, we own it and apologise. In short, d*ckheads need not apply.

personal development

The digital world never stops moving so we must each find time every day to learn. The company will provide and/or pay for training where it's requested, but the desire and impetus can only come from you.

Be a boss

We’re less interested in cv’s than we are in the story behind them. We want to understand why you’re pursuing this path and how far you’re willing to push yourself to make it a success. If you’re looking to do amazing work, push your limits and achieve your goals, we’d love to talk.

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