A key part of any great content strategy is influencer marketing. After all, who better to create your content than the very people who already own relationships with your target audience?

The nature of these influencers will depend on your target audience. For health and fitness brands they are likely to be instagrammers, while in the gaming market they might be YouTubers and for B2B brands they may be industry thought leaders with large followings across LinkedIn and Twitter.

B2B Influencer Marketing

The benefits of a great influencer campaign

Whether B2B or consumer, a great influencer will not only reinforce the position of your brand, but also extend your reach across a variety of digital channels, particularly social media. The most important benefit, however, is that it enables you to create highly insightful and engaging content, transforming every channel in the process.

By engaging with high profile experts, business executives and thought leaders that share the vision and values of your brand, you are able to benefit from significant reinforcement of your brand positioning. However, this depends on the authenticity of the relationship – does the influencer really buy into the mission your content strategy is seeking to drive and do they really share your core values?

Make no mistake, this is the best content your brand will ever capture. The whole point is that this is the top 1% of the domain in question, and the insight, charisma and authority they possess will come through in every piece of content they create.

These rockstars of industry have the the attention of the audience that your brand wants to get in front of. Done well, influencer engagement is an order of magnitude more efficient and impactful than any ad campaign.

B2B sales and marketing is often as much about strategic networking as it is about brand or content, and networking doesn’t get much more strategic than when done with high profile thought leaders. If the values and vision of your brand align with the beliefs of your influencers, these people can represent some of the most significant relationships your organisation ever develops.

Likely to be a more peripheral consideration, but often influencer engagement carries some unexpected side benefits from a search engine perspective, as not only do their organisations link to the content on your domain, but they may their own PR team that further amplifies the message.

Consumer influencer marketing

Of course the same principles also apply to consumer markets, where influencer marketing has dominated for over a decade. When selecting influencers, it’s important to not only consider their reach but also the degree to which they embody the personality and values of your brand. Once this alignment is clear and expectations are established on both sides, building a strategy for developing and leveraging these relationships could be among the most transformative initiatives your brand ever engages in.

Important considerations

Before approaching an influencer, it’s essential that your brand really stands for something that the influencer can buy into, and the content you are creating as part of the broader strategy is content that they’re happy to be associated with.

Once these relationships are established and you have the opportunity to capture their insight, you must be able to do it justice. Poor video or audio quality, or failure to capture their tone if in written format, is utterly criminal within influencer engagement. It will devalue the content captured and totally undermine any trust they had in your brand.

Establishing the relationship and capturing their awesome insight is the hard part, so it’s important you now leverage that as broadly as possible across every channel, both online and offline. From ten second audiograms and video clips on social media, to transcriptions going out on email or even via printed magazines, it’s important that as much value as possible is taken from the content. And if it’s evergreen in nature, you can even repurpose again in the future. Content this good deserves to be seen!

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