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2022 - Present

the client

There’s nothing else quite like Anaphylaxis UK: a charity specialising in supporting the growing number of people at risk of suffering severe allergic reactions.

Anaphylaxis UK strives to create safer environments for sufferers by working with schools, pre-schools, colleges, the food industry and healthcare professionals.

the challenge

As a niche nonprofit Anaphylaxis UK already had a strong social media presence. Likewise, traffic to its website was consistent and strong. So why did they need our help? 

Although well-known, Anaphylaxis UK Was keen to prioritise resources for its community of serious allergy sufferers – while also advertising and selling its educational courses. Wanted to improve the user experience on its website – to prevent confusion that often led to participants leaving the user journey.

the solution

To address the areas highlighted we:
  • Rebranded the website completely – introducing a new logo and eye-catching colour scheme coded to differentiate content for community members versus corporate clients.
  • The user experience was overhauled too – a process that involved changing design layouts, tweaking tone of voice, and improving calls-to-action throughout.
  • In-depth keyword research was conducted to ensure content matched user intent and drove high-quality traffic to the website.
  • We also took control of social content – creating a monthly calendar, designing fresh digital assets, and curating posts prior to publication on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
This was a total brand rebuild designed to improve community awareness while boosting sales of Anaphylaxis UK’s training courses.

the Outcome

Despite the complexity and scale of Anaphylaxis UK’s website – which involved setting up payment and course booking functionalities – our team completed the project in just four months.

As a direct result of the site rebuild- which included optimising the user experience – engagement visibly improved, as evidenced by longer site visits and fewer dropouts during the buying journey.

Clearer messaging, dedicated colour schemes, and clearer layouts worked collaboratively – making it easier for visitors to locate information and understand it too.




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