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the client

Creative Computing specialises in helping film companies and nonprofits to become more productive and empowered through the provision of best-in-class digital apps.

In its capacity as a gold Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Creative Computing has used automated multi-platform systems to support well-known brands within its chosen sectors.

the challenge

Whilst Creative Computing was a well-established software company, this wasn’t reflected in their branding or marketing activities. The look and feel of their website was outdated, and with minimal traffic and next to no online enquiries, it was far from the conversion tool it could be.

Sales Manager, Matthew Ash, called on Boss Digital to conduct a full audit of their brand, website, marketing and lead generation activities to develop a strategy that would put their company centre stage.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner with a broad range of clients and sectors on their books, it was clear Creative had the knowledge and credibility to drive conversions. What they lacked was an understanding of how to reach the right people and communicate their offering in a way that would resonate with their target audience.

At the time of their enquiry, Creative were looking to establish themselves within the TV and film production market. With two tried-and-tested sector-specific finance software solutions under the belt, it was our job to find a way to bring their brand to life and better engage this new audience.

the solution

Band Identity

Following a number of onboarding and discovery sessions, we were now in a position to start bringing Creative’s vision to life. Our first step: defining their brand identity. Creative were keen for us to elevate the look and feel of their existing brand to help them make a mark within the TV & film production industry without alienating their existing clients.

New Website

We needed to build strong foundations before putting any ambitious marketing strategies into motion. This meant that a new website was at the top of the list of priorities.

Up until this point, much of Creative’s lead generation had been managed in-house. We wanted to automate this process where possible and free up more time for the sales team to focus their efforts on adding real value to the customer journey.

Before we began driving targeted visitors to their website, we first needed to have confidence that it would do their new branding justice. This meant updating the imagery, colour palette and iconography, but also reviewing the fundamental structure and navigation to offer a seamless user experience.

We were keen to ensure the audience had every opportunity to research the services and solutions, qualify themselves and convert. We therefore:

Content Strategy

With Creative’s goals and audience in mind, we focused the content strategy on 3 distinct channels: website, LinkedIn and email. The aim was to build a bank of high-value content for their website which could be repurposed for use on their social channels and newsletter.

Headlines, body copy, and calls to action needed to be persuasive, working hand-in-hand with imagery to call out decision-makers and drive action.

At the brand identity stage of our partnership, we defined a clear tone of voice that would work across all of Creative’s digital content, helping to create consistency and strengthen their brand whilst resonating with the TV and film audience.

LinkedIn: We saw a 100% increase in total LinkedIn followers, with a large number coming from our organic activity. We further saw very impressive increases over the year regarding unique organic impressions as more people were exposed to the Creative Computing brand.

Website: There has been a huge influx of website clicks as a result of our activity, with sponsored engagements from advertising generating over 4x the normal rate of clicks from standard content.

Email: We helped Creative build a mailing list over over 2,000 emails belonging to relevant stakeholders in key positions within their priority markets. Each industry receives a bespoke monthly newsletter and achieves an open rate that is 22% higher than the industry standard.

The Spotlight Podcast

To be heard within the TV and film sector, we knew we had to make noise. We worked with Creative to develop a sub-brand that would put them at the heart of digital transformation within the TV and film industry: The Spotlight.

The Spotlight shines a light on some of the industry’s most pressing topics, calling to the pain points of Creative’s TV & film audience. Featuring podcast interviews from leading C-suite names from across the TV and film production sector, the sub-brand offers Creative’s audience real value and insights in an engaging, easy-to-digest format.

Account-Based Marketing

To target, attract, and retain key decision-makers from within the TV and film sector, we adopted a multi-channel approach spanning SEO, email, social and offline events.

The Spotlight Board
Working with Creative, we established a series of invitation-only roundtable events under the Spotlight brand that targeted leading names from across the industry.

Hosted by Creative Sales Manager, Matthew Ash, these meetings provide a forum for peer-to-peer insight, allowing Creative to gain an in-depth understanding of their target audience and enabling them to tailor their solutions to better suit their clients’ needs.

Working in conjunction with The Spotlight Podcast, these roundtable events are establishing Creative as a thought leader in the SaaS financial sector.

the Outcome

The branding, design, and content changes had a transformative effect. Creative Computing was delighted with the outcome – and decided to retain our services. Engagement and traffic volumes continue to improve month-on-month and we’re relishing the challenge!

Stronger brand engagement: prospects spent longer reading content – and interacted more with page elements

Better quality traffic: targeted niche keywords improved the quality of visits – leading to better conversions

Seamless experiences: improved navigation, design, and CTAs reduced abandonment rates during the user journey




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