All matters related to the financial side of the business.

Every campaign is different but the main variables that determine the pricing of our work are:

  • The content required:
    • Will we be creating all the content? Will you be creating it? Or will there be shared responsibility?
    • What format of content? Is it video, audio, image or article based?
    • What is the volume/frequency?
  • The level of project management and reporting required.
  • The channels through which content is being distributed – is it SEO, social media, email, the website or a combination of these?
  • The availability of paid media budgets – in which case media plans need to be created and time allocated for

To give you some examples:

  • SEO campaigns start at £1,000/month.
  • PPC management starts at £650/month.
  • Content marketing campaigns in which we’re creating all the content start at about £3,000/month.
  • Branding work starts at £6,000.
  • Website design and development starts at £10,000.

We don’t have a single hourly rate as it depends on the nature of the work and who’s involved, but:

  • Most of our activities are charged at £70-90 an hour.
  • However, for more specialist requirements with our senior team members the costs may rise to £120-130 an hour.
  • For consultancy with Dan the rate is £250 an hour.

Absolutely not.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re on the clock. It’s important that you feel you can call any time and that within reason we’ll always help without it impacting the invoice. In fact we actually allow a “10% free buffer” within all our scheduling to ensure there is time available for these little ad hoc requirements.

For large additional items of work we will of course have to invoice separately, but that will be quoted first and only started once we’ve had official sign off.


Many agencies will charge a percentage on ad spend. We do not. We simply charge for our hours used in setting up and managing the campaign.

We typically don’t enforce contracts for the first 6-9 months as we believe it’s important we get to know one another, and if either party aren’t happy with the relationship then they should be able to bring it to an end within 1 calendar month.

However, beyond this initial term we tend to encourage a three month notice period in order to provide stability to both parties. This is optional.

While it is not possible to guarantee results, we do set clear forecasts and agree regular review points so that you’re never spending more than you’re comfortable with. For instance, if there was a target Cost Per Acquisition agreed and it became evident that we weren’t going to be able to hit it, we would immediately place the campaign on hold until a full review had been conducted.

For SEO, any agency that does guarantee results is by definition misleading you, as nobody can perfectly predict how the search engine algorithms will respond to your brand and content. However, with our 12 years of experience across hundreds of SEO campaigns, we know where the greatest wins are likely to be found for any website, and we will make them happen as fast as we possibly can.

We invoice on the 15th of each month with 14 day payment terms. However, if a client needs this altered to fit with their systems then we always try to be accommodating.

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