Social Media

Social Media
Community development, management and social competitions for increasing brand visibility.

The search engines may be the channel through which your audience first find you, but social represents the channel through which those relationships are developed and maintained.

However, where almost all brands go wrong with social is they fail to define clear and measurable goals. What is it that you’re actually trying to achieve and what will success look like in a year from now? Are you trying to:


>> Increase brand awareness?

>> Generate direct leads?

>> Boost your recruitment?

>> Increase your on-site conversion rate by presenting a more positive image of the company?

>> Aid customer service?


How do we measure success?

Once we are clear on your objectives via social, we can then agree on Key Performance indicators.

They are likely to include: 

>> Community numbers

>> Engagement levels

>> Referral traffic to the site

>> On-site behaviour of those interacting with your brand on social vs those that are not

>> Direct leads following interaction on social

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Which are the appropriate social channels?

When it comes to developing a brand, Facebook and Twitter are generally a given. Beyond that the appropriate platforms will be determined by your audience and your objectives. The most common that we would look to integrate would be Google+ (great within tech and business), LinkedIn (a B2B must) and then Pinterest and Instagram (key for anything of a more visual nature).

What are the common tactics?

Once we are clear on the objectives we can begin to build the strategy. Every campaign is unique but some of our more frequently used methods involve competitions, content curation and distribution, and social advertising campaigns.