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2020 - Present

the client

Ark Teacher Training is an Initial Teacher Training programme that allows graduates and career changers to learn from some of the best teachers and leaders in the profession. It is part of Ark, an international education charity which aims to give every young person a great education and real choices in life.

the challenge

Ark had a lot of great content but lacked some of the digital expertise to fully leverage it online, which they recognised would be key in maximising the number of teacher applications.

  • A lack of tracking meant that they were unclear which channels were driving applications and at what cost.
  • Whilst a lot of the historical email content was fantastic, the list itself had gone cold and required re-nurturing.
  • Limited resources meant efficiencies were required to maintain consistent activity across all channels.
  • A lack of SEO meant that despite strong authority, the website was struggling to rank for its priority terms.
  • Lengthy application forms were hampering conversion rates on the site.


The upshot of all of this was that the Ark Teacher Training team was having to work really hard each month to hit its application numbers.

the solution

Tracking was set up to monitor performance (particularly cost per acquisition) across every digital channel.

A complete technical audit of the website was performed, including all on-page optimisation.

Alternative forms were created that required less data input.

Automated email sequences were established to save time and ensure consistency of message.

Most importantly, an advertising model was developed for Facebook that significantly reduced the cost per acquisition.

the Outcome

  • The organisation now has complete visibility into its ROI for each channel, allowing it to scale in a financially controlled manner. Cost per acquisition has plummeted.
  • Rankings for all terms being tracked have significantly improved, with many now featuring at the top of Google.
  • Conversion rates on the site increased via the new forms with reduced fields.
  • Email automation saved significant time whilst ensuring consistent activity.


As a result of all of this, the organisation has now had back to back record months for teacher applications.




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